How to Easily Login to WhatsApp Web – Few Steps

The advancement of communication technology has not ceased to surprise in recent years, from the basic way of making calls and sending text messages. Until the current way of communicating, through applications with voice notes, sending videos and documents. WhatsApp has become one of these platforms and now we will show you How to easily log into WhatsApp Web? Few steps.

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It is that in the current moments that we are living, WhatsApp has earned a privileged position among the preference of millions of users in the world. Perhaps this is due to the different functions it adds and its easy handling. But now it gives us the possibility of having this application on our PC, great news for those who spend much of their time behind the computer.

WhatsApp web It also offers us innovative functions and if you don’t know how to use it, we invite you to read one of our interesting articles. That will instruct you on how to use WhatsApp web without cell phone on or without an internet connection in a very simple and fast way.

How to easily log in to WhatsApp Web

In the following tutorial we are going to show you how easy and fast it is to enter the application through your PC. We must imagine that you know perfectly how to use WhatsApp from your mobile. Then you just have to learn the simple steps that you must perform to easily log into WhatsApp Web.

This option is ideal for those people who for work reasons must spend considerable time behind a computer. But also, for those users who do not have a mobile phone, but a PC. Or it just seems more comfortable to use this application through a computer.

In order for you to easily log into WhatsApp Web, you must do the following from your computer. First you must open the application page, to do this you must type in the search engine the following address Being on its home page you will notice that a QR code is shown to you.

How to log in to WhatsApp web

Now you must take your mobile and open the WhatsApp application from there, then go to the Settings section. Now press on the WhatsApp web option, this action will allow your camera to be activated, with which you must scan the QR code. When you finish, the first thing you will see are all your contacts that you have in your WhatsApp account.

In this way you will have logged into your account WhatsApp web and you will be able to enjoy the following functions from your computer. You will send and receive all types of multimedia files, videos, photos and images. You will also be able to edit your account profile without any inconvenience.

You will be able to make voice recordings and you will also be able to listen to them, you will do this in the same way as you do in the mobile version. By clicking on the microphone, you will find it in the lower right part of your screens. In addition, you will not miss the statuses that your contacts place, you can also mute a conversation.

How can you see the web version of WhatsApp does not limit you and you have access to almost all the functions that the mobile version offers you. And we believe that one of the advantages of using the application through this medium. Is that you can enjoy photos, images and videos on a larger screen and not limit yourself to mobile screens.

It is important that you have the foresight to use WhatsApp web from a personal computer since if you do not close the session properly. Anyone who shares the PC with you, can see your conversations and even see images and videos that you have downloaded. To properly log out of your computer.

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Move the mouse cursor to the top right of the screen over the three-dot icon. You must click for several options to appear and you must choose Sign out and that’s it. In this way we finish the present tutorial that showed you How to easily log into WhatsApp Web? Few steps.

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