How to Easily Place Bookmarks on the Side of Google Chrome (Example)

The latest versions of Google Chrome offer us many services and functions, that many times we are amazed at everything it offers to its users. Among these functionalities is the use of bookmarks, which are nothing more than shortcuts, so that when you close these websites you can open them later quickly and easily. Learn how to place these markers on the side of Google Chrome.

How to create bookmarks?

  • Clicking on the star icon, which is next to the address bar.
  • Then give that page a name and save it in a folder (if you wish), this will allow it to be stored in a more orderly way.

side marker on google chrome screen

What are Google Chrome bookmarks used for?

With them you can quick access to your favorite web pages and the ones you visit most frequently, thus avoiding setbacks by having to search for them again in the search engine. Or save there a page that you need to reserve to navigate at another time and if you accidentally delete them you can easily recover your bookmarks.

How can you activate Google Chrome bookmarks?

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Google Chrome enables the activation and organization of bookmarks in two ways: Through its Start Menu, where the horizontal bar located just below the search engine or address bar is activated; This being one of the most used forms by users and that Chrome has by default, bookmarks are very useful because you can organize and save all the tabs.

Another alternative to activate and organize bookmarks is through the Chrome extensions, within them is the option to markers on the side vertically, which we will talk about below.

How to place bookmarks on the Google Chrome bar?

Open the page, click on the option Customize and control Google Chrome, which is the icon of the three points that appear in the upper right.

  • A menu will be displayed, click on Setting.
  • Go to the block Appearance, there go to the option Show bookmarks bar, click or slide the switch on the right side, in this way you will be activating the bookmarks bar.

How to place the bookmarks on the side of Google Chrome?

You just have to take extra time, because this alternative, as we have mentioned, is found in one of the Google Chrome extensions, which are one of the many useful free applications on its web store, and which are special for customize your bookmarks. Then follow these simple steps:

google side marker extensions

  • Go to the start menu of Google Chrome and press on the icon of Chrome Web Store.
  • Once in the Chrome Web Store window, type in your search engine: bookmarks sidebar or Bookmark Sidebar.
  • There click on the button Add to Chrome and you will have already installed this extension, a vertical drop-down bar is automatically installed on the side of the screen. Then the system will ask you some settings, such as where you want your side to appear, if in the right or left part from the screen. It will also ask you how you want to open your side, just follow the steps indicated.

How to use the side marker?

  • Open the web page you want to bookmark, place the mouse cursor on the left edge of the browser so that it unfold the sideOnce there, click on the marker icon.
  • The page you just marked will appear, there you have available a series of configurations that will greatly facilitate the organization of your bookmarks: in alphabetical order or according to the sites you have recently saved.
  • Then, you can edit your bookmarks however you want, for example changing the name of the URL to put a shorter name, add folders and sub-folders, give them appropriate names and archive your favorite pages in them.
  • Another interesting aspect of this extension is that with it you have a greater number of customizations, including adding a color to each marker to identify it.
  • You could explore more options by taking advantage of its Interface, which is very easy to use and familiarize yourself with.

Get better organized, increase your productivity when browsing with our post on how to place bookmarks on the side of Google Chrome easily.

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