How to Easily Place Pins or Markers on Google Maps

Through the mobile applications that we have today, we can make lots of actions or activities that before or we believed possible. In the beginning, many went to a particular model or brand of mobile because it was better for taking high-quality professional photos, or for listening to music or because it had certain added elements or access to certain applications that made it much easier to use.

This is still the case with some brands, but it’s safe to say that there is no longer just one brand with high-end mobiles that can easily rise above the rest, as many brands have been able to do something of their own and special with their models.

In fact, one of the greatest attractions that some models had was the access they had to certain GPS apps. In fact, iPhones had for several years several models that had come with a compass to aid you in your guide, or there were several Samsung models that were acclaimed due to their GPS functions.

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But, today many of these functions have become obsolete due to the rise in the general quality of mobiles and the applications to which they have access without much work or exclusivity.

And, between applications of global positioning, we can say that the most successful has ended up being the renowned and acclaimed Google Maps. Since its release, the work the team has put into building maps, and the additions Google Earth has made to viewable maps, this has turned out to be an excellent app.

What’s more, Google He has not been too fussy about the equipment with which it can be used, since it can be used on iOS or Android devices without problem. And it is about this wonderful application that we are going to talk to you about next.

red dot google maps

Points of reference

Google maps, has always been an extremely useful application for those people who need a map, a GPS or a way to get to a specific place reliably through the placement of coordinates. Using it is really easy, since you only have to open the map, select your location or another in particular and be able to select a destination you want to reach.

You can select pre-designed points of interest that are on the map, such as gas stations or hotels, and when you do you can select with the arrow icon on the blue background that you want to go to that place and Google maps you can activate your mode Gps in which it will give directions or you can see the time it would take you to get there with the fastest route either on foot or by car.

But, if what you want is to be able to put a own reference point on a map, you can click on any map you want if you are on a computer, or press and hold your finger on mobile; if you want to put a pin or marker to a particular destination.

marro pin google maps

Using My Maps

Over time, Google Maps has morphed out of tons of features it had to put them to work. My Maps, a Google addition that lets you create maps and manage them through the same Google Maps interface.

It is very easy to navigate the site since it is basically the same as Google Maps, Except to create markers or your own map with markers, you need to create one. Click on the option «Create map» and then go to the area you want to put the markers on.

Through the panel that you have at the top, you can click on the button «Add bookmark» which will let you mark a point of interest on your map.

Remember that you can use markers or pins in different points of the map as you see best and thus have all kinds of markers on your map and then save it and access it whenever you want.

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