How to Easily Put or Add Commands in Minecraft (Example)

Minecraft is such a large and complex game that a single article is not enough to describe and explain every aspect and detail of this title. Since its official launch in 2009 it has grown, not only in the number of active players, but also in the number of elements that can be interacted with to build big and difficult things.

In this article we will focus on one of those aspects, so we will explain how to put or add commands in Minecraft easily. Then we will give you some useful and interesting commands.

How to put or add commands in Minecraft easily

If you want to enter a command in a Minecraft game, You just have to press the «C», «T» or «Enter» key on your keyboard. The game’s chat bar will then open at the bottom of the interface.

There you must write the commands you want to execute. It should be noted that before any command you must enter the slash symbol «/». Otherwise nothing will happen.

When you press any of the keys nothing happens? That happens because commands are disabled for the world you’re playing in.

In previous versions of the game it was possible to change this setting by pressing “Esc”, selecting “Open in LAN” and “Allow cheats”. In the latest versions of Minecraft this option has been removed, so you will not be able to enable cheats in a created world.

So the important thing is that when you are creating a new world in survival mode you should make sure to enable this option. To do this, scroll down to the “Game Settings” section and enable the “Enable Cheats” option. Of course, keep in mind that By enabling the commands, you will not be able to unlock or win any achievements or trophies.

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Meet these useful Minecraft commands

Once you know as add commands in Minecraft, now the question is to know what to write. Therefore, below we will show you some commands that will help you to control many aspects of the game. They are grouped into sections for a better understanding.

Request information about a command

We start with one of the most useful. If you come across a command that is not explained below and you want to learn how to use it, you can ask the same game by running the following: “/ Help (command name)”. After that you will see a short description of the command in question as well as instructions to use it properly.

Change game mode

  • Survival mode: “/ gamemode 0”.
  • Creative mode: “/ gamemode 1”.
  • Adventure mode: «/ gamemode 2».
  • Spectator mode: “/ gamemode 3”.

Change game difficulty

By their very nature, these commands they only alter the difficulty of the game in survival mode. In this way, the more difficult it is, the more damage the entities will do, the more difficult it will be to recover from an injury and it will be more difficult to obtain resources, among other things.

  • Pacific: «/ difficulty peaceful».
  • Easy: «/ difficulty easy».
  • Normal: «/ difficulty normal».
  • Difficult: «/ difficulty hard».

Customize the time and time

If you like to go out and explore the world only at a certain time, these commands will enchant you, because they will change the time in your Minecraft world.

  • Sunrise: «/ time set 0».
  • Noon: “/ time set 6000”.
  • Sunset: «/ time set 12000».
  • Midnight: “/ time set 18000”.
  • Remove the day-night cycle: “/ gamerule doDaylightCycle false”.
  • Reset the time: “/ time query gametime”.

insert console commands

If you like a particular climate, you can also make this is maintained throughout the game. To do this, use these commands. Of course, if the time you want is not on this list, just search the internet for its codename.

  • Clear: «/ weather clear».
  • Sunny: «/ weather sunny».
  • Rain: «/ weather rain».
  • Electrical storm: «/ weather stormy».

Interaction with your environment, entities and other players

From melting objects at will to teleporting. Commands in Minecraft they practically make you a god within your world since you will have the ability to fly and you will be practically immortal.

  • Summon enemies: “/ summon (enemy name) (coordinates)”.
  • Kill entities: «/ kill (name of the player or entity to be eliminated)».
  • Teleport to your character or to another player: «/ tp (player’s name) (coordinates)».
  • Keep inventory on death: “/ gamerule keepinventory true”.
  • Freeze all entities around you: «/ freeze».
  • Melt all the objects around you: «/ superheat».

Those were just a few commands. With this great tool you can customize almost any aspect of the game. We hope you get the most out of it.

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