How to Easily Put or Add Text to Video Using Filmora

If you are one of those people who are dedicated to recording videos, you should know that there are currently many video editing programs.

On the web you can get many of these editors and if you need to edit some of your videos you can easily get them. Filmora is one of those shows.

Filmora is a software that offers its users a large number of tools so that they can add effects and texts to their videos, as well as many options for editing.

How to easily put or add text in a video using Filmora?

In case you need to put text to your videos, you can use the Filmora program, since it has the tools you would need to carry out the procedure of add text no problem. To add text to your videos you must follow the following steps:

The first step you have to do is upload the video you want to edit and put text on it, to do this you must press the “Import” button, you will find it in the main menu of the program.

Filmora Editor

Filmora offers a great advantage to its users and this is that everyone will be able to add videos in an easy and fast way. The simplest way to import a video is to open the folder that contains the file and select the video, followed by that you will have to throw it into the program’s edit menu or Timeline.

To add a text you must go to the tab “Titles”When you press the tab, the program will show you a great variety of texts and effects, there you can select any of the designs.

Once you choose the design, it will automatically appear in the preview and you can add the design to the “Timeline”. In the titles menu you will find opening designs, titles, inner third, subtitles and credits.

If you want to add an introduction to your video you have to select the option “Opening” which is located in the “Titles” menu, there you will find several templates and you can select the one you like the most to add to your video.

To add the template model you chose, you must select it and drag it to the Timeline and place it at the beginning of the video.

In order to add a title or subtitle You must select any of the options to be able to choose the model that you like the most and then add it to the video you are editing.

After you add any text you can adjust time you want it to appear in the video. Filmora establishes that the duration of the text in the video is five seconds and obviously if you wish you can modify the time to extend its duration, this can be configured by pressing the timer icon.

Add text Filmora

As a final text you can add the credits and to do so you have to select the option of “Final credits”. Like “Apertura” the final credits are located in the “Titles” menu. You can also choose between several models and modify them to your style.

How to personalize a text?

To customize the text you will have to click twice on the title box, after you do it you will get a screen and there you can edit it, change font, color and size of your preference.

Advanced features

If you wish, you can use advanced functions to modify the edges and add shadows. In addition, if you press the animation button you can modify the animation of the text that you will add to the video. Here you can save your text wrapping as a default.

How to delete a text?

In case you want to delete some text, select it and go to the delete button, the icon for this will be a trash can and is on the Timeline toolbar.

In addition to adding texts to your videos, you can add music, effects, transitions and elements. All these buttons accompany the button “Titles”And you will find them in the toolbar.

How to download Filmora?

Yes, still you don’t have installed the Filmora program on your computer, we will explain the steps you must take to download the program.

To download the program you will have to go to the official Filmora website because there you will find the download button, it is a fairly simple procedure so do not worry. After installing the program, you will be able to export and save a video in Filmora without a watermark.

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