How to Easily Put or Insert a Background in Google Sketchup? (Example)

If you are a recognized graphic designer (or a newbie), chances are you have heard of Google Sketchup, as this is one of the best 3D modeling programs out there; in it you can make and edit amazing 3D texts. For this reason everyone wants to know more about him, and with that in mind, today you will see How to put or insert a background in Google Sketchup?

And it is that learning about this program is something of the utmost importance if you are a designer, because literally with the functions that it has within itself, you will discover a new world of facilities that you did not know existed (it is even on a par with Photoshop and Core ).

What is Google Sketchup?

Before you can see the process that will help you answer the question How to put or insert a background in Google Sketchup? You have to first understand what Sketchup is and what it works for. This is a graphic design and 3D modeling program, which is not used like common editors, but is for larger works such as: architectural, industrial design, urban, civil engineering, among others.

Its functions are many, but perhaps the best and the one that makes it stand out above the rest is the 3D model, since with this you can make three-dimensional designs in a matter of minutes. In addition, you will not have to look for how to use the basic tools on any page like YouTube, because the program comes with an included tutorial that explains what you need to know to get all the juice you can.

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Once you have seen this tutorial, you will be able to model cars, cars, people, buildings, objects, among others. So you will become an expert in just a few minutes or hours (depending on how fast you learn).

Another of its advantages is that it is very versatile, since you can download it and use it on platforms such as Windows and Mac without problems. This has two versions, one free and one paid, it is recommended to use the one that is free first, and then go to the paid one if you liked the experience.

How to put or insert a background in Google Sketchup?

Now that you know all the information regarding this program, it is time to answer the question:How to put or insert a background in Google Sketchup?For this, you must first find the image you want to use as the background (it must be perfectly square).

Later open the Sketchup, being in it select the figure that will come out by default and delete it, then click on the tool that is called “Rectangular” (it is found in the toolbar).

This should be used to create a perfect square in the port of view, you will know that the figure is well made because a dotted line called square will appear in it (it will go from corner to corner). Then select the tool called “Paint Bucket”, with it, click on the square you just made.

3d sketchup plane

With this action, the “Materials” dialog box will come to your eyes, in this choose the plain white color, and then press the button “Create material”, then click on the box that is named “Use texture map” (It’s in the “Edit” tab).

Finally, click on the “Browse” button, and look for the previously loaded image. When you select it, it will be loaded into the box created, and you just have to edit its height and width, to be able to fit it as it should.

With that, everything will be ready, so you will only have to place the image where you want the background to be. Now you can say that you know the answer to the question How to put or insert a background in Google Sketchup?

Remember that you can also edit and do more things to make your project more professional, such as removing guide points or dotted lines and changing an object’s layer. The possibilities are endless, so it’s time for you to start creating.

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