How to Easily Redeem and Use an Xbox Live Card

The evolution of video game It has been a fascinating process, full of progress and radical change, which has occurred over the decades.

Today, there are all kinds of voice actors, project managers, music composers and studios; all of these being people who have been able to demonstrate their talent that has grown an industry that could compete with the film industry.

However, none of this growth would be possible were it not for the support that all the fans have given to the companies and their favorite games.

A good way to demonstrate or see this is in the massive exhibitions that have been video games, such as the famous E3, or the Videogame Awards, which always receive thousands of people annually who seek to show their support and excitement for new experiences.

In fact, one of the biggest changes that the video game industry had was the implementation of the Online services, the fact that a person could connect to play a specific game with other people, either on a gamer PC or on a console.

Although it is something that existed since the existence of the PlayStation 2 and the Classic xboxIt was not until the next generation that the model became special. On platforms such as Xbox Live through Xbox 360, you have the option of paying a monthly or annual subscription that lets you connect to the internet and be able to interact and play with other people from around the world.

various xbox live cards

The Xbox Live model

Xbox Live has been a very successful business model from a corporate point of view, and it has helped companies grow and money can be reinvested where it should be: video games.

Through Xbox Live, people can play on the internet with others, and also enter a large community of people who play the same games as you on a daily basis.

The payment made to Xbox Live varies greatly depending on whether you are looking for a particular membership, but the good thing is that you can pay in different ways. You can use a credit card to pay, or you can go to a specific store and buy gift or code cards to use in the store.

dysneo card xbox live

Redeeming Xbox Live card codes

To be able to belong to Xbox Live or to be able to make purchases within the platform, you need to be able to have a balance within the platform that can be used.

This serves to keep you subscribed to it and can be a more viable process than the credit card for many people, so it is something really useful to know.

When you have a code card for Xbox Live, You can redeem it in different ways, since if you are on a mobile or Windows 10, you must download the Xbox application and log in using the account that you have created in Microsoft from your Xbox Live account. Inside, you have to enter the menu, and where it says “Microsoft Store” enter within “Redeem code”.

Here, you have to enter the code 25 characters of the card to be able to redeem the card, although it is also a process that you can perform through your Xbox 360 console or your Xbox One. For your Xbox 360, log in to the console and press the central button of the control and enter “Games and applications” to go to “Redeem code” and redeem your card there.

On the other hand, if you are on an Xbox One, you just have to log into the account where you want to redeem the code, press the central Xbox button, and go to “Start”. Here, you have to open the store, and redeem the code in “Use code.”

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