How To Easily Reset Your Epic Games Password Very Easy! (Example)

Many users have found it necessary to reset their password. Epic games in order to continue using this popular developer of video game.

Well, it is common to choose a complicated code to make it secure, but then it is likely that the person will forget it easily, or that they will remember the password, but want to change it and do not know how.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the Epic Game platform, this has led its users to be the target of Hacking attacks, if your account was hacked you can easily recover it if you cannot recover it, do not worry and create a new one quickly.

How can I change the password?

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If you are one of the people who remembers your password on this platform, but you want to change it, you must access the official website of Epic Games, to be able to log in regularly.

Next, you will need to click on your profile icon, which will be in the upper right. This option will open a new drop-down menu.

In it, you will have to choose the «Bill”. In this way, the platform will open the “Settings”Of the account in question, where it is allowed to make general modifications.

For you to be able to reset Epic Games password, you have to select the tab «Password and security”, Which according to its name is the right place to make the changes.

Consequently, the web will show a series of fillable writing bars, which are intended for the “Current password» Yet the «New Password”. Then, you must click on «Save changes”.

Learn how to reset Epic Games password if you forgot it

In case you forgot your password, don’t worry! It happens more often than all users would like.

epic page

Luckily, Epic Games has the data recovery system via email that is provided when creating an account.

In this way, you must go to the official page, and direct the action towards the button responsible for logging into the platform.

You will see the relevant window to enter, in which there will be an option if «Have you forgotten your password”, Colored blue and on the right side.

This button will start the procedure to recover the forgotten password, for which the linked email must be entered, and the checkbox marked «I am not a robot”. Next, click on «Send an e-mail”.

The system will send the requested message to the indicated email, so you must go to your inbox and locate it. Inside of which, there will be a button for “Reset password”From Epic Games.

You must click on this, or directly on the link that you will see below. In such a way, that the window will be updated and you will be able to view the password reset form for the platform.

Finally, it will only be necessary to fill in the two fields with the new code, and press on the button «Reset password”.

What should I keep in mind when changing or resetting a password?

Whether you are just changing the password or looking to reset Epic Games password, you should not leave aside certain previous considerations.

First, for both cases you must pay special attention when filling in the fields of the new code, so that they coincide and, in addition, so that you do not forget it easily.

start of epic games

In case you are one of those people who have problems with their passwords, it is recommended that you write it down where you have easy access to it, but other people do not.

Other aspects that you can take into account is that the new set of characters is greater than 7 digits, and at least one of these must be any number.

On the other hand, it is not allowed to add any type of space or use any of the last 5 passwords previously used.

To speed up the process, we recommend that you keep the email window open to which the exchange message will arrive. And, by placing it in the recovery field, make sure you have written it right, because you could end up waiting for an email that will arrive at the wrong address.

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