How to Easily Share and Email Fonts

The world of technology offers us a large number of programs that promise to make life easier when it comes to wanting to share text files, made in Word or Google Docs. But it turns out that certain problems occur that we do not know how to deal with, especially when receiving a file a missing fonts message is displayed. But we will tell you very clearly what you must do so that you learn how to easily share and email fonts.

This of course does not allow us to understand the file that we have just received, so it is necessary that we have these sources recorded in our team.

Believe it or not, it is very easy to share and send sources by email easily. And we are going to explain this to you without many technicalities, so that you can clearly understand the procedure.

In order to apply corrections that allow us to solve a given problem, it is not necessary that you know what you are going to do, but the steps to follow.

We have shown this to you in countless articles aimed at helping you with complicated computer topics. Especially when it comes to sending emails, be it fonts, images or attachments.

How to easily share and email fonts

In a few steps we will show you how simple it is share and email fonts easily. And for this we must do the following, you must go to your personal computer, while there you go to the Start button and select Control Panel. And being in that window you must look for the Fonts Folder.

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If you use another version of Windows such as Vista, go to Classic Vista and there you will locate the Fonts folder. If you use previous versions of Windows XP, you must go to Start, then select Settings, then choose Control Panel and in that window you will find the Fonts Folder.

Steps to easily share and email fonts

Having already located the Source folder, we proceed to open it and in it we will locate the font file. Select said file and then right-click on it and select the Copy option. It is important that you always copy this folder and do not drag it to another place, as it is possible that you will lose its content.

The next step is to go to the desktop and paste the font folder that you just copied into a document or another folder. And use the explorer to locate where you want to store the copied file. You must have this location on hand so you can upload it to your account email.

The next step will be to go to your email account to open the new email file. You must add and find this font file through the dialog box on the desktop temporarily.

We can recommend that these files contain a large number of fonts, sizes, shapes, italics, bold, underlined, etc. You compress them with ZIP and then send them, to do this compress the font file from the desktop and not from the control panel. And finally you must upload the ZIP file, as an attachment to your email.

This process is necessary sometimes because you may not have a certain font installed on your computer. But then with this procedure if you have written a file or document with a type of letters that you are sure that the person who will receive said document or file does not have.

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There are millions of problems that we can find when working with electronic documents. But in the same way, there are millions of solutions that we will take care of delivering them to you, so that you can handle them and always have them at hand. And one of these solutions can be, that when delivering a text file, you also send the sources that you have used.

If you apply these steps and recommendations that we have shown you in this article, we guarantee that you will not have problems with your text files and they will always maintain a professional appearance. And so we finish the tutorial that I teach you how to easily share and email fonts.

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