How to Easily Update a GPS or Navigator to the Latest Free Version? – Step by Step (Example)

Previously we told you about the updates on your TomTom GPS. Today we will talk about the subject in a generalized way, that is, how to update a GPS or navigator to the latest version for free step by step.

Although it is true that there is no exact formula, it will basically depend on the model you have, there are a series of basic procedures in all of them and we will talk about this below.

How to update your GPS step by step

Before you start you must read the instruction manual for your specific GPS model. To do this, you can look for it on its packaging or enter the official website of the company that has manufactured it.

activate phone geolocator

You should register your GSP on that page. To do this, they will ask you to create a user with a email, in some cases a cell phone number and password.

Once you have done it search Update GPS. If the search does not return any results you can use a similar term, such as map update, for instance.

For any type of update that you want to do on your GPS you will need to have:

  • A computer of any operating system
  • Your USB cable GPS naviganator
  • Internet connection
  • The specific program for each model and brand of GPS installed on your computer

Once you have all this, connect your GPS to your computer with the USB cable. Open the application on your computer and log in with your account.

Seeks My content, Search device Or simply Updates. You must select all the updates that you consider necessary and start downloading them.

Wait for the process to finish, depending on the type of files, it may take a few minutes. You will have a warning message when it is finished.

Now just safely remove the device and you are ready to start using it.

If you don’t have a GPS device, don’t worry as there are many applications for both Android and iPhone phones that allow you to turn your mobile devices into GPS.

Why it is important to keep a GPS up to date

Although it is true that it is not something extremely necessary, we always recommend keep your devices updated, in this case your GPS. Above all, because new constructions are carried out daily and that leads to new roads and routes.

So it can happen to you that, if you don’t keep it up to date, your route will not be as precise and you will end up getting lost in unknown places. Imagine that you are driving over a dangerous area or that you do not know and because you do not have it updated you end up going around in circles.

use gps guide

In conclusion, if you do not want to get lost in unknown areas or have a bad experience, you must keep the routes and paths updated in your GSP.

most of updates are completely freeYou only have to download the necessary programs depending on the model and brand of browser you have.

Although there are also options for which you must pay. You should know that the free versions are sometimes limited while those of payment are more detailed and specific, but here it is you who must make that assessment.

You can download alternate maps that are worth a little less. These are carried out by individuals or companies that, as they do not have an official service, launch good quality products on the market at a lower price.

On the other hand, you can download completely free maps for your GPS. Although you should know that they are not always completely safe and compatible with your browser model and could generate a risk for its normal operation.

You must be careful and avoid downloading maps that do not belong to official stores. In the event that it begins to generate problems in its use, you can remove the program from the control panel.

Finally, we must say that this This article is a guide for novice users who have never had to update a GPS before. Well once you do it for the first time and experiment a bit, the second time it will be simpler.

If you are going to install the Waze application on your phone to use it as a GPS, you will be interested in knowing the amount of data and megabytes that this application consumes when you use it.

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