How to Easily Upgrade Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile? – Step by Step

When it comes to variety when it comes to mobile devices, we have many to choose from due to the wide market that there is today. Also, today, there are tons of companies vying for the top spot in terms of sales and reviews, and it really has become a very competitive market In that aspect.

Unlike a few years ago where only companies like Apple, Nokia and Sony were competing among the top positions, over time others such as Xiaomi, Alcatel, Huawei and more have entered, which is something very positive for users already. that there are more products to choose from.

Among all the companies that have sought to launch and have a boom in the mobile market, Windows is found, and it is not surprising to see that they have done basically everything in the technology market.

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Windows has not been launched as a hardware brand, but rather a software brand, seeking to develop certain products in conjunction with different companies, one of the most prominent being Nokia and Blu.

But, your operating system has often been a bit overshadowed by advancements within Android and iOS, but it has a lot to rescue.

However, the Windows mobile operating system has not been left behind and for some time has sought to update all Windows Phones to Windows 10 Mobile simple way through a marketing feat that sought to attract more users in its networks.

In large part it worked thanks to the fact that Windows 10 Mobile has ended up being quite loved by some users, especially those followers of the line of Nokia Lumia. That is why if you are interested in updating to Windows 10 Mobile on your mobile, it may be possible if you follow this guide.

windows mobile interface

How do I know if I can upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile?

Operating systems work in a very specific way, so they cannot be used freely on any device due to the requirements of any operating system..

For this reason we see versions of iOS that get stuck in old iPhone models, because they simply cannot run or process everything in the same way in a model with lower specifications.

With the latter in mind, Windows has only made it possible to update Windows 10 Mobile to a list of different mobiles. Most of these mobiles happen to be parts of Nokia’s Lumia model line, but you can also find some Blu models and others.

But, instead of spending your time checking names in a list, you can know if your mobile is upgradeable to the new system by entering the Settings of your device, and then going to the Updates section.

Likewise, you should also see a notification that indicates the possible upgrade, although if this does not happen, you can always download the application from Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor, to be clear whether or not you can download the operating system update.

windows mobile phone

What do I need to be able to download Windows 10 Mobile?

If you are in the scenario that your mobile is upgradeable to the new Windows 10 Mobile following what we told you earlier, you will really have to comply with certain requirements.

First, you have to have Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 QFE8 or a version prior to these, you must also have a free space of at least 1.4 GB for the update to be carried out correctly.

This, not to mention that you must have your battery well charged for the long process of upgrade and installation, since you will not be able to use your mobile during all that time.

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