How to Enable HDR Video Playback in Windows 10? – Very Easy (Example)

HDR is one of today’s best optimized and most used video standards. That is why lately most of Windows 10 users want to know how to put it on their computers. For that this tutorial, where you will see how enable HDR video playback in Windows 10.

And it is not surprising that everyone wants to use it, it offers better image quality, with greater contrast and sharpness.

He is so good that his image has been compared to reality itself. So to see 4k videos as it really should, you have to configure if or if the HDR.

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However, this option is not available for all versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Therefore, it is recommended to have a more recent update to enjoy the services of this application.

Learn how to enable HDR video playback in Windows 10 easily

To get straight to the point without circling the first thing you need to configure or enable HDR playback is to update Windows 10, since it is always advisable to have the latest version of this operating system.

watch HDR videos

Among all the versions of Windows 10 that exist, you must choose the best of all and the most current to fulfill your purpose.

Then you must make sure that the integrated screen of your computer meets the necessary requirements for activation (you can also use an external screen, which is very useful to really take advantage of it).

At the same time, you must verify that with the new update access to the hard disk drive is not blocked, a small obstacle that would delay the process in progress a little more.

Your screen must support a resolution of at least 1080p, plus it must have a brightness of more or less 300 nits or even more. In addition to this you should also look at the graphics card which has to be compatible with the PlayReady 3.0 and have a 10-bit decoding capability.

So if your computer is modern (from 2017 until now) you should not have any problem, but if it is older than that, you may not be able to activate the playback of HDR videos in Windows 10.

Configure the display

Now that you made sure that your computer complies with everything, it is time to configure the screen, for this go to the menu and from there to «Setting«, Here you will see him secluded called»System”Select it.

Once inside you will see that the menu of «Screen«, Here are two buttons that are»Identify» and «Detect”Use them to find the correct display that is HDR compliant.

In the event that you are a laptop user or are going to use the built-in screen, you should not do this step, since it is only for those who connect an external screen.

Enable HDR adjustment

Now, to activate the playback of HDR videos in Windows 10, you must enable the HDR settings, for this in the same system section you must look for the option called «Windows HD Color Settings» and enter.

Here you make sure again that the correct screen is selected, you will also see that the display capabilities appear, enable the «Stream HDR» and place itself «HDR games and applications.»

This should have already enabled the HDR display, this works with the latest version so far of Windows 10, in the event that it is updated, the process should be the same, but perhaps the names of the options vary a bit.

Make sure HDR is enabled

To end the process that allows enable HDR video playback in Windows 10You have to make sure that this format is active on all devices, this step is only for those who are going to use an external screen or another device.

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If you are playing a game you must make sure that the configuration of the screen of said game has the HDR options enabled, and if it is a television the same, make sure in settings that everything is enabled.

As a final conclusion, it must be said that the HDR reproduction is magnificent, it allows Windows 10 users to live a magical experience, so if you are one of the lucky ones that meets all the requirements, get down to work and activate the best visualization of the moment.

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