How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on JVC TV step by step

how to enable or disable subtitles on jvc tv step by step

How I can enable closed captioning of programming on JVC TV? What steps should I take to turn off closed captioning for JVC TV programming? What do I need to set closed captioning on my JVC TV?

JVC is positioned as one of the leading brands in it mercando as far as technological innovations are concerned. JVC is a brand internationally recognized for its excellent TV Box. This is due to its advanced, multiple and convenient functions.

On a device JVC TV is possible any programming. For this, it is only necessary to purchase a package and start enjoying hundreds of movies, channels and series in excellent resolution.

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Among the many functions that a JVC TV device has, there is the subtitles section, so if you do not yet know how to configure it correctly and get the most out of it, at tdftips we have decided to teach you how to do it.

jvc tv remove subtitles from programming

Enable and disable subtitles on JVC TV

Activating, deactivating or removing subtitles from programming on a JVC TV is extremely simple. You can use your remote control or connect your cell phone to the TV Box and do it more comfortably.

The first step in activating, deactivating, or removing closed captions from programming on a JVC TV is to set up the TV. For this you should only:

  • Connect the cable signal to the back of the JVC TV. You must connect the HDMI cables to each corresponding port, normally the JVC TV includes a manual where the ports identified by numbers are located.
  • In the same way, it is necessary to connect the regular definition cable. Alternatively you can connect the RCA cable instead. This can be white, yellow or red failing that.
  • In case you have some other device, such as a video game console, Alexa or Google device, you can connect these in a similar way through HDMI ports or connections.

Once you have configured the installation of your JVC you can start watching your favorite movies, series and channels. Additionally, you can install Kodi on your TV and improve the experience by 100%.

Configure and customize the subtitles of the programming

After you have configured your JVC, you can activate, deactivate or remove the subtitles of your favorite programs anytime you want. Among the benefits that a JVC TV has, in addition to allowing you to open and use Facebook, is its highly educational configuration menu.

The first thing you should do to start setting up the subtitles of your favorite programming on a JVC TV is to turn on the TV and go to the 'Menu' section. For this you can help yourself with the arrows on your remote control.

Then in the settings menu you must select 'Screen'. In the screen section you will find multiple options and settings menus. You must locate the one that indicates 'Subtitles'.

In this section you can configure the size of the subtitles, their color, the language in which you want them to appear and their location (top, bottom). To finish you just have to click on 'Save changes' and press the menu again to exit.

Adjust colors

Once you have set the subtitles for the programming on a JVC TV. In the same way, you can configure the colors of the JVC TV in case they are monotonous, opaque or simply do not make them attractive to the eye.

enable or disable subtitles on jvc tv

For this you just have to enter the menu again and locate the 'Image' section. In this section you will find various options, among which you must select 'Picture mode'. In the 'User' section you can customize your changes.

To navigate between the various options for color, saturation, contrast or brightness, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen with the help of the arrows on your remote control. Once you finish applying the changes do not forget to click on 'Save changes'.

Adjust resolution

To access this configuration we will first locate the 'Zoom' button on the JVC TV control, This button will adjust the image displayed on the screen, we will be presented with several options such as 'enlarge', 'crop' or 'panoramic' but in this case what we are looking for is that the image looks 'normal', this option also appears with specification like the others, so we select.

Next we press the 'menu' button where we will be presented with a range of different options, in this we place 'options' and then 'video options' where we select the 'proportion' and here we choose the one that best suits our televisionIf you are not sure what aspect ratio the TV has, you can refer to the user manual.

In this window we can choose between 480, 720 and 1080 ratios. Once these changes are made we can return to the programming and we will notice that the screen has a better resolution.

How to turn audio for the blind on and off

Most Smart TV type televisions have this option that will help blind people to enjoy the programming, since consists of a descriptive audio that tells everything that happens inside the screen. However, many computers have this option disabled by default.

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For turn on descriptive audio What we have to do is go to 'settings', then to 'digital configuration' we go to 'audio configuration' and in 'audio description' we select 'Yes'. If on the other hand you want to deactivate it We repeat the process, we go to 'settings' then to 'digital configuration' we go to the 'audio configuration' and in 'audio description' we select 'No'.


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