How to Enable Two-Step Verification in Steam Guard – Quick and Easy

In order to keep your Steam account fully protected you must have Steam Guard which is considered as a security system. It should be noted that the first security method is to enter the username to access the account followed by the password. If you forgot your password, here we tell you what to do. In turn, this additional method helps you so that anyone cannot enter your information.

So that security can be achieved through two options or two steps which are your email or by a message on your device. Which will arrive every time you want to enter the account from a new device that has not been registered.

Therefore, you will receive the verification code by any of the methods that you have active in the configuration and you can enter from the devices you want. Since there are no limits of equipment to authorize.

Find out how to easily enable Steam 2-Step Verification

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Steam settings

In order to play any game on any device, it is necessary to activate the Steam Guard so that you can perform item exchanges with friends or promotions. So to achieve this you need to activate this option, or if you like to make purchases you must also activate it, and the best thing is that it is very simple.

Initially, being located on the main page, you must go to the upper menu and select the option of «Steam». Then in the drop-down menu you must select «parameters».

Then you will see the option of «verify email address», since the email has not been verified yet and it appears with a red button. Therefore you must click and in the window that I know you must click on «next» after this step it appears that the message will be sent to your email.

So the next thing you have to do is enter your email and select the message and click on the verification link which will open a tab again where they will tell you «verification of email done «.

Then you will be able to close the message and return to the Steam page where you must click on «finish» and later you will be able to observe that when this option is activated it has been set by default to Steam beta update. But remember that for Steam to detect the activation in order to receive gifts or any gift or games you must wait fifteen business days.

Activate verification through the official Android application

Install Steam

At the same time you can activate the verification through the Steam application, you just have to download it and voila you will be able to enter the main page and select the option «from the menu»Steam Guard «.

You can also view a message on the left side of the screen which indicates that the account is verified through the email option. You must understand that this message can be seen when you enter the application from your device for the first time.

Then you can enter the setting of the application and in this way you can change the option so that the Verification code through text messages. Later you must confirm the phone number you provided by a verification message in this way the system will verify that the number is correct.

Next, you must copy the verification code in the space that is displayed on the application screen. So by performing this step your mobile device will automatically be registered on the Steam Guard page.

So every time you want to enter the account from a new site, you will receive the verification code via text message.

Therefore, you can perform the verification in two steps in a simple way by means of the verification of your email or by the official application for Android- Which is done by means of a verification message that arrives with a code to your mobile device .

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear from you. Have you been able to enable 2-Step Verification in Steam Guard? Do you know of another method that allows this verification? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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