How to Enlarge or Increase the Size of Text or Font on an Amazon Kindle

Over the centuries and decades, humans have captured their knowledge on physical supports that have been preserved over time.

This knowledge is reflected in numerous books that contribute to the development of individual and group knowledge. With the discovery of the printing more books were produced making costs minimal and accessible to all.

However, as regards its distribution, it was cumbersome due to the distances to be covered, in addition to the cost incurred by its transfer for publishers.

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Due to this and the rise of the technological era, the use of these new tools was used to the maximum in order for books, magazines, brochures, newspapers to reach a greater number of people digitally in a short period of time. .

It is there when the e-books, that with its revolution you can not only read the text, but also the use of images, sounds, even movement, and like books in physics you can underline them, make interesting annotations, even enter the hyperlinks of the text or even convert text to speech in Spanish.

These books are not made of paper but compact whose information you can see on the screen. You can find electronic books with two types of connection with the outside: Wi-Fi and 3G.

In addition, that the information that is loaded in the books that you like and interest contribute to the care of the planet because they are ecological because the use of paper is saved, and they are economical.

Today the use of electronic reader, which is nothing more than an instrument that allows you to read and at the same time store your books digitally, these allow you to modify the type and size of the letter, modify or adjust the brightness of the screen of the device you use, give light to what you read or install different backgrounds or screensavers.

In the readers electronic You will find various resources that allow you to use a dictionary in case you do not understand the meaning of a word.

There are a variety of e-readers such as: Kindle Amazon, Kindle Oasis, Kobo Forma, Kobo Clear HD, Kindle Paperwhite, Sharper Literati, Nook, Nabuk.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle logo on tablet white background

What is it, what is it for and how does Amazon Kindle work? This is a very interesting question, Kindle is a reader of e-books that from your mobile device you can save, read and buy the amount of books you want available on the internet. This tool makes it possible for you to discover more than a million books and to choose what you want to read.

The Amazon Kindle It is a mechanism similar to the table whose purpose is that you can read the digitized books on the net. At the end of 2007 it appeared on the market for the first time.

This mechanism of device It gives you the opportunity not to lose your habit of reading because you can continue your reading sitting in a square, in transport, at home, wherever you want you can use it.

This connects to an EDGE / GRPS network, 3G or Wi-Fi, making you download the content you want quickly.

Over the years it has revolutionized in each of its versions, and you can find them with greater capacity and scope. Today you can discover a sensational range of specifications and functions in each of its versions available. Giving you the opportunity to gift a Kindle book from Amazon to someone else

How can you enlarge or increase the size of the text or font on an Amazon Kindle?

amazon font letters on tablet with hand

If when using your Amazon Kindle you want to enlarge or increase the size of the font or text, below I will show you how to do it quickly and easily:

Step 1

In Kindle «go» to the book you are reading or want to read and «click» on it to open immediately on your device.

Step 2

You will observe in the part lower left In Kidle’s reading toolbar the word “Text” appears, there press click.

Step 3

«Choose» The name Aa screen, there you will see the different sizes of letters or text and see which one is the best for you to be able to read.

Step 4

Click on the «Select» key so you will see that immediately the text changes to the size already selected, now go and enjoy your reading.

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