How to Enter or Add a Discount or Promotional Code in the SinDelantal App? (Example)

In these times everyone needs to stay at home, so delivery systems have been increasing progressively. This is why applications such as SinDelantal have been born, which help the consumer to obtain products without having to move. So today you will see How to add a discount or promotional code in the SinDelantal App?

And it is that, who does not like lower the price of your food? The less you pay, the better your finances will go, so it is important to be on the lookout for discounts that let you enjoy delicious, high-quality food at a low price.

Add a discount or promotional code in the SinDelantal App

The first thing you have to know to be able add a discount or promotional code in the App SinDelantal, is that the process is very easy to carry out (similar to how Rappi’s coupons or discount codes work), however, you will have to do it before canceling the purchase, otherwise, you will not be able to add the discount and you will pay the full price.

The second thing to take into consideration is that the codes work differently. That is, there are some that are used for any restaurant, since they are given to you by the same company (such as the 150 that they give you on the first purchase).

But there are others that are site specific, which cannot be used in another establishment because they will not work. If this has been clear to you, then it is time to proceed to add these discounts, For this you must go to the App on your mobile (you can download the SinDelantal app in the PlayStore).

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When you are inside, find the restaurant where you will use the code and place your order as you normally would (If you do not know how to order food at home in SinDelantal you should look for it)Once the process is finished, go to the button called “View cart”.

There the payment options will be opened, and you will notice that there is an option called “Add coupon”, press it. When you have done it, you will be taken to another section where you can enter the discount code, do it and click “Add”.

This will cause a positive balance to be credited to your purchase (for the specified amount of the promotion), So now you just have to go back to the inside menu and proceed to confirm your order (if there is no money you will have to pay it as usual).

Where can I get the promo codes?

Now that you have read the above, you know how to add a discount or promotional code in the SinDelantal App, so it’s time for you to see how you get these discounts for your purchases.

The process is very simple, you just have to place the SinDelantal coupon or promotional code, within the Google search engine. This action will allow you to get several pages where people post codes in forums.

Those are completely legal and can be used just by learning the discount number. The amounts vary according to the publication, so you should be on the lookout to add the best (A recommendation is to read the comments, since there people place good discounts).

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SinDelantal also has a loyalty program, which gives you discounts and coupons after making four purchases in the App. Also on their website, they are always publishing new promotions for different establishments.

And voila, with that you know what it takes to say that you know the answer to How to add a discount or promotional code in the SinDelantal App?, so you just have to go to the page and start ordering food with discounts.

Always remember to support the company in question and its workers (by sharing links or tipping the delivery people), because this way you will make this great App grow even more, which is beneficial for everyone and much more in these times of so much uncertainty that they are living.

Finally, for more information, find out how to see and redeem coupons in SinDelantal, since the process is almost the same and can help you guide you even more (so that later you do not have to cancel or edit an order, and lose the codes).

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