How to Enter or Put GPS Coordinates in Google Maps Easily

Google is a platform that offers a wide variety of services and Google Maps stands out among them. It is highly valued and used by millions of users around the world and is responsible, among many other things, to get you to your destination without problem. But in this article we are going to teach you how to enter or put GPS coordinates in Google Maps easily.

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With Google Maps, we can get to any address without getting lost, find a restaurant or cinema in the city, see which is the less traveled street to our house. We can also create custom maps and it can show you in real time, the incidence on the roads. Anyway it’s a very versatile tool and we will show you how you can use a very practical function.

A coordinate is made up of two parts and they are the latitude, which are the horizontal lines on the map, and the longitude, which are the vertical lines on the map. And these can be measured in sexagesimal degrees and in this way locate us exactly on the planet. You can also place labels in any of these places and thus have a better reference on the map.

How to easily enter or put GPS coordinates in Google Maps

Using Google Maps is very simple, although when we talk about coordinates it may seem the opposite. Since we must enter numerical data that you may not have and you must learn to search for it using the application. If you don’t know what the coordinates of a place are Google maps He offers them to you, of course you must ask for them first.

If you want to know what are the geographical coordinates of some place on the globe, either at your current point or from any other point, you just have to do the following. First open the application on your mobile phone, then press and hold anywhere on the map. Next, the location will appear with two numerical figures, these are the latitude and longitude.

This data is the coordinates of the site you want to know the location of, the next step is to copy and paste the data in the search bar. Google Maps will return the following coordinate in our example it will be 33 degrees, 46 minutes 12 seconds south and 8 degrees, 45 minutes 24.4 seconds east.

These coordinates of GPS We can share them with our contacts on different social networks or send it by mail and in this way they can have our exact location. It is important that you know that this tool works almost in a similar way on Android as it does on iOS devices. And you may not find secluded places because they are not in your database.

If we want to get to an exact place we must have the exact GPS coordinates, many shops and commercial establishments offer this information. There are also currently several companies that offer this service and even having a conventional GPS we can easily know the geographical coordinates of a specific place.

Steps to enter or put GPS coordinates in Google Maps

Once you have the GPS coordinates, we can use the application on our mobile and we are going to write the address, as what you are going to enter are numbers, these have a comma you must change it to points. And separate each coordinate with commas, for example 23.985748, 123.547234 this address is the one you must write in the search engine.

This is the correct way to enter or put GPS coordinates in Google maps Easily, if you want to do a Route, you must choose this option, but first you must enter what the starting point will be and the application will offer you the route you must take to reach your destination.

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In this way we come to the end of this tutorial that I treat in a brief way, explaining what you must know to make use of Google Maps. And as you have been able to realize, it is not very difficult how to enter or put GPS coordinates in Google Maps easily.

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