How to Enter the Official Coppel Platform and Fill in the Necessary Forms (Example)

You have no idea about how to apply for your credit online? Come with us and here we will explain it to you easily and quickly how to enter the official Coppel platform and fill in the necessary forms; so you can easily obtain a credit with Coppel.

How can you access the official Coppel platform?

Coppel loans

Applying for a personal loan online is possible thanks to Coppel. And is that Coppel is a company that offers its users many benefits with their credits, including very accessible fees to its distinguished clientele.

A Coppel Department Store

A credit with Coppel offers its users the possibility to carry out home shopping with, or if you prefer to request the order and pick it up at any of its stores. The credits that Coppel offers are granted in a reasonable time.

So that its users can purchase travel packages, and what is more; Coppel gives access to the family welfare protection club, promotions, offers and much more.

Enter the Coppel platform

For those who are struck by credits that Coppel offers, the company has created an online platform, where you can not only request credits without leaving your home, but also monitor all activities, such as checking the account status periodically, credit accounts, or keep up to date with promotions and other electronic transactions.

We want to help you, so follow these simple steps that we will show you below, and that you can do either from your computer or downloading the app Coppel from your mobile phone with Google Play Store or another store:

  • From your browser, enter the copel website, or access the app with your mobile phone.
  • At the bottom of the Coppel home page go to Coppel Services, there click on the option Select your Coppel credit.
  • Now the option will appear Request your credit here, just click on it. Then the system will tell you to complete a form with basic data.

Create your username

Although Coppel offers the possibility of requesting credits without registering as a user, it would be best to do so, since this way you will benefit from all the opportunities that this company offers its customers. You should only do the following after clicking on Request your credit here:

  • Enter your name, surname, email or cell phone, password, your gender, accept the terms and conditions, and the privacy notice, and finally check if you want to receive offers and promotions in your email or cell phone.
  • Once you have filled your personal information, click on the button creat your account.
  • Now access your email to activate your Coppel account.

How can you fill in the necessary forms on the official Coppel platform?

A man typing on a computer

Enter your personal details

After registering as user Coppel, as we show you in the previous steps, the platform below will ask you to enter your personal data in the same way as they appear on your voting card:

  • First name.
  • Second name.
  • Surname.
  • Second surname.
  • Date of birth, where you must put the day, month and year.

Enter your contact details

  • Enter your email or
  • Enter your cell phone.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice.
  • Finally, click on continue.

After filling out the form with the basic data required, you must wait for the call from one of the credit executives of Coppel in order to consign your personal data, work, references and address.

Then he collection staff will come to your home to verify the information. 5 days later you can go to any of the Coppel stores. In this way you will verify the status of your application, and if it has already been approved, you may need to have your Coppe cardl to start enjoying all the benefits.

Applying for your credit online is much easier than you think. Just by knowing how to enter the official Coppel platform and fill in the necessary forms, you will get well-being and solutions for your life, of course, it is very important to advise yourself well on other implications before applying for a loan online.

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