How to expel people who are stealing the Internet from your WiFi network

The other day I was telling you how to identify a neighbor who is stealing the Internet from you and if you have confirmed your theory it is time that eradicate the use of your connection once and for all.

This tutorial cannot be from scratch, if you want to eradicate your neighbor you will have to know, at least, enter the interface of your router and configure some parameters (every router and interface are different so it makes no sense to mention it) because sometimes changing the encryption to WPA2-PSK is not enough.

There are certain people who have enough tools to bypass these types of protections and that is why we are here, to try to end them and prevent them from entering our network again without permission.

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What things should we do if we want our neighbor not to reconnect to our WiFi network?

Modify the network

It is obvious but the first thing you should do is change your network data, both ID and password for something different. In the case of the password, you must take into account:

  • Have WPA2 encryption (TKIP or AES). It is the most difficult encryption to break to date, although there are already tools to hack this type of keys with time and knowledge, this is not enough.
  • To be long (The way to exploit these passwords lies in brute force and a low digit password will not be very useful).
  • Mixture signs, capital letters and numbers. A password type 12345 is very simple but if on the contrary we resort to something easy to remember but like this: MiV3C1N0S3V44..C4G4R it will be very difficult to skip this type of passwords. The longer the better although it will be a nuisance and then put it in some devices.

The SSID we have to modify it and if you want an extra security that complicates things, it is best to hide to complicate things a little more. Usually this option is marked as Broadcast SSID and we must mark in the option Disable. Only you will know the SSID and if it is of the type Virus.exe better, many will not want to risk connecting to you.

I shouldn’t say that you avoid sharing this data with anyone. One last tip in this regard is to change the default password to enter the administration panel (if you are not able to enter because the neighbor has changed it, you will have to use the button Reset on the router).

Filtered by MAC

Today there are ways to skip the MAC filtered but this is still from what more powerful to ban certain people that connect to your WiFi network. Mac encryption has two modes of operation: Enable Connectable Macs or disable certain Macs from connecting.

The ideal is that enable only the Mac addresses of your devices and in this way no one will be able to roam your network but there are times (like mine) when you have many devices and it is a hassle to have to go around adding them all and in many cases the table (which does not usually have more than 8 spaces) does not it comes to us to add them all.

If you identify the MAC of the person who is stealing WiFi, restrict it and you will have saved time. For identify the MAC you can use the program that we recommended the other day to identify possible thieves on your network. The MAC is a number of the type xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx.

Beware of WPS

It is very comfortable to touch a button and connect our devices via WiFi directly to the router, but there is a vulnerability in the WPS that allows you to obtain the key easily so you I recommend that you disable it.

Play with DHCP

It is not the simplest step and it is the most cumbersome there may be, but our router, in general, assigns the connection data to the device but if it does not do it automatically, it will be necessary to configure it manually and many people may know your password but if they do not know the range of IPs in the that you move and those that work will hardly be able to connect to your network.

Yes disable DHCP you will have to configure your devices manually but you will put one more barrier in the way.

And finally I would like to warn of something. If you know something about computers and you want to annoy your neighbor who has connected, you can rummage through your pc (public, private files, etc.) and screw it up right. You will not be able to publish anything about it even if you are the one affected (the law is like that) but your neighbor could be in more danger than he thinks.


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