How to Export a Digital Certificate to a USB Flash Drive to Import to Another Computer?

The creation of tools that allow us to do our business in the public administration or in any other entity on the internet, they are very helpful.

In this case, we do need so-called digital certificates, but we don’t have the remotest idea of ​​how to download and save them on our computer. Here we will show you How to export a digital certificate to a USB flash drive to import to another computer?

As long as you receive a digital certificateIt is very convenient that you make a backup of it, because you never know that problems may arise both in your browser and on your PC and you lose this certificate. And to get it back, it can represent a situation that generates a lot of stress and loss of valuable time.

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The use of USB pendrive, to record or to enter data in the computer is becoming a very common way, since the almost disappearance of CDs. So it would be good if you knew the way that exists to create a multiboot or multiboot USB with several Windows and Linux systems step by step.

How to export a digital certificate to a USB flash drive to import to another computer?

So you can export a digital certificate to a USB flash drive to import to another computer is to have it first downloaded to your PC. For this we are going to go to our browser. And then we will explain what you should do if you have a browser other than Mozilla Firefox, about this we will explain later.

export digital certificate

To find out where the certificate is installed on your computer, the first thing you should do is go to Start. Then you must click on the Configure option, here you will have a search bar at hand and write Internet Options. This action will allow a box with several tabs to appear and select Content.

Immediately the option will appear in the middle part Certificates, you must click on it and you will see the Personal tab. The next step after you have found the certificate is Export it, to do this you must click on that option. You must follow the wizard and take into account that when you get to the password screen.

Here you will be asked a question, do you want to export the private key with the certificate? And you need to click on the Export private key option box. This is very important because if you don’t select this option you will never be able to install it on any PC. This means that you will have it there, but it will have no value.

The next step will be to enter a password, write the one you like the most, but you must have the foresight of save it very well and avoid getting lost. Remember that there will be nothing that allows you to recover the certificate if you forget or lose the password. Once this is done, the wizard will ask you to choose where on the PC you will save the digital certificate.

Now you have it on your computer and you can do whatever you want with it, send it by mail, you can save it on a USB flash drive and in this way you can transfer it to another computer.

How to export a digital certificate from Mozilla Firefox

For us to be here, it is because you have verified that it is in the browser and the next thing we will do is go to the Menu option. Then we must select Options, in this window we will search and choose the Privacy and security option. Here is the Certificates section and we choose the option View certificates.

The next step will be to click on the tab Your certificates and here you should look for your digital certificate and then you must click on the Make a copy option. Then the wizard will ask you to choose where to save it. Then enter the password and again we will ask you to be careful with it and keep it in a safe place.

export pendrive certificate

Ready you have already exported the digital certificate from the Mozilla Firefox browser, as you see it did not take you long nor did it generate much problem for you. And in this way we finish the following tutorial that showed you how to export a digital certificate to a USB flash drive to import to another computer.

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