How to Export Access Data to Excel with Format Easily (Example)

One question Office users often ask is How can I use the data Access in Excel? o Is it possible to export Access data to Excel? The reality is that it is possible to perform this task so that you can use this information from a database in an Excel sheet. It is also believed that a change in format should be made and the truth is that you can «To export» Access data to an Excel spreadsheet.

This tool is used among people or work groups that work frequently large amounts of information, which are stored on servers and these, in turn, in a database to be analyzed and distributed among users who require it.

In this article, we will teach you how you can use this tool, and in the process clarify the whole process for you and help you export these files to the sheet you want to work with.

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Why is it necessary to export Access in Excel?

The amount of information that a database it is vast and extensive, which is why sending information from an entire database is a tedious and annoying process.

This is because in its transmission, network connectivity failures can occur and everything can be interrupted, causing failures, loss of information or simply; not reaching the expected recipient.

For which, it is necessary to export the databases of Access to Excel, to facilitate the search for required information quickly and safely. In this way, it is more practical and simple to send the data in a simple Excel spreadsheet that contains the data / information required to submit an entire Access database. It should be noted that these databases can be joined or combined.

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How to export Access data to Excel?

Microsoft Access has a built-in tool by default called «Export Wizard» With which the user can export the objects of any access base for queries, tables, fields, forms or selected records in an Excel view or spreadsheet.

When starting the task of exporting the objects from the Access database, it makes a copy of selected objects from the database and then stores a copy in the Excel file.

To fully accomplish this simple task, continue with the steps to successfully export Access Data base to Excel.

  • Locate where the source database is located; If you only export a query, table, or form part, you must open the object that you want to export, and therefore the records you want must be selected.
  • Now, in the external data within the “Export groupClick on Excel to continue with the export process.
  • In the options menu present, within the dialog box that appears on your screen “Export-Excel Spreadsheet«, You must fill in the fields to continue and then click» OK «to complete the export process. For greater understanding, it will be broken down into several points for a better understanding of this task in more detail below.
  • Enter the name with which your excel book To start the export operation, likewise select the appropriate file format.
  • Once the query table to be exported has been selected, select the option «export data with format and design», in this way the export is completed.
  • After performing this action, the access will request a dialog box in which the user creates a specification that uses some details of the export process. Select option «Yes» to store the detailed report of the export process as a reference of the export project that has been completed.

To conclude, you now have a comprehensive and complete idea of ​​how to export data from Access database to Excel, so you can now run it in a practical way for the tasks you need to perform.

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