How to Export Conversations in Telegram Safely

You may use your computer more than your mobile, either for work or study, and you need a good alternative that allows you to have your Telegram conversations on your computer, so you don’t have to use your mobile.

This function is available from update 7.4.1 of the application, so if your terminal is updated with the most recent version from Google Play Store or App Store, you will already have the function available.

So, here we show you how export Telegram conversation safely so you don’t lose any data in the process.

Can a Telegram chat be exported to WhatsApp or vice versa?

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First of all, it is important to clarify that you can export a WhatsApp conversation to Telegram, but not vice versa. Telegram does not allow you to export their conversations to other apps such as WhatsApp.

So you can transfer from WhatsApp all you can, give your contacts since both applications are synchronized with the contacts registered on the mobile, it is common that they already share them.

Telegram conversations

Chats are undoubtedly the most important thing, so if you move to the application of Telegram It’s completely what you want, but you want to keep conversations from your previous instant messaging, if that is possible.

So that you do not have to start from scratch to build your messaging if you do not keep some important data.

As a first step to export WhatsApp chat to Telegram you must open the application on your mobile, and select the conversation you want to export, look for the three dots button ⋮ in the upper right section.

Then, in the menu that appears, look for More> Export chat, confirm if you want to include all multimedia files or select which ones.

Automatically at the end of the choice the section to share with the available installed applications will open, search for Telegram.

Choose the contact or chat in which you are going to import the whatsapp conversation and confirm to finish.

Export your Telegram chats to your PC with any of these methods

There are ways to open Telegram on your computer and access your account information such as chats, photos, videos; that are normally reflected on your mobile.

But since the app uploads everything to the cloud, it is only a matter of taking the correct steps so that you have all your information quickly and safely through Telegram add-ons.

Telegram conversations

With Telegram web

Like WhatsApp web, Telegram web It has the objective or purpose of being able to have the information of your account installed on your mobile device from a computer through a connection to the network.

  1. Go to Telegram web, and log in with your phone number.
  2. Open Telegram on your mobile and copy the code that was sent to you.
  3. Write the code on the web and all your chats are automatically synchronized so you don’t have to use your mobile.

Using the Desktop application and data export

Telegram has stepped forward and created Telegram Desktop with which you can download on your computer and log in and you will no longer have to have your mobile phone, or even have it connected to the same Wi-Fi network, since when you activate it in you mobile this will be synchronized automatically with what you use on your computer through the application.

  1. Open the application in your browser and download it.
  2. Complete the simple installation and then log in with your phone account
  3. Now search Settings> Advanced> export Telegram data to share them as a file with which you can access the data easily.

Where else can Telegram chats be exported?

Other apps like Line and KakaoTalk They allow your information to be shared with Telegram so that you can export data between them, and have the best of an application in both, so that you do not miss either of them.

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