How to Export or Save Edited Photos in Adobe Lightroom Easily? (Example)

If you are new to Adobe Lightroom, by now you must have noticed that there is no save button within it, so you are probably wondering How do I save my project?, Because the answer is very easy and today you will get it answering the question How to export or save edited photos in Adobe Lightroom?

And is that, if you don’t know, the reason why there is no button with this function, it is because this is not a conventional photo editor, which makes the save method is done by means of file export.

How to export or save edited photos in Adobe Lightroom?

Before you start your journey to learn how to export or save edited photos in Adobe LightroomYou have to know that there are several ways to carry out the export process (and they are all just as easy). The first is through the menu.

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To achieve it you just have to touch the «File» tab that appears at the top of the screen, when you have done it you will get a drop-down menu where you will have to press the «Export» option.

With that, a box will appear with the options that you can configure. When finished, you simply click on «Accept» and that’s it. the file should be saved on your PC (There really isn’t much of a difference from how it is normally saved).

lr icon

Another way to save is by right clicking on the corresponding image. This action will show a menu where you must press «Export», with that the image will be saved immediately in the format that you request.

If the above processes for some reason did not work for you (which is practically impossible), You can also save by clicking the «Export» button which appears below the left side panel (in the development module).

And finally, if you want to speed up the process, use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + E. With it, the export box will appear immediately on the screen, and you just have to configure your preferences and click «OK» so that everything is saved as it should be.

Export dialog box options

With the knowledge acquired, you can now say that you know the answer to the question How to export or save edited photos in Adobe Lightroom?, so the next thing you should do is learn a little more about the options you will have to configure the export.

The first one is the most common of all, and it is the option that will allow you to enter the destination path of your file (the folder where you want to save it). To use it You just have to give the button «Export to» and then to «Specific folder», within this choose which folder will contain your file.

ligtheroom icon on mobile

You will also see that there is an option to save the image with the name you want, to activate it you have to press «Custom name» and ready. In addition, you can also edit the metadata (you can add copyright) and place your own watermarks to identify it. Finally, you can change the quality of the Lightroom file, whatever you want, regardless of whether you have already exported it.

And in turn, save it in the format that best suits you (PNG, JPG, among others). It should be noted that when editing all this, you must be careful not to lose the coherence of the image. Remember that Lightroom is among the best camera applications with filters, although you can explore some of its alternatives.

And voila, with everything you’ve already read, the question should already be solved in your mind How to export or save edited photos in Adobe Lightroom?, so now you must put the previous instructions into practice.

Keep in mind that saving is a very important part of the job. So you should do it several times before finishing, so that an accident will not happen afterwards where you lose everything. You also need to test the application and be able to install Lightroom presets so that what you save and have an alternative on your mobile.

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