How to Export WordPress Widgets to Another Different Page

Export a widget from a page to another it comprises a fairly simple process to use, especially if we are going to do it from the WordPress platform. Widget export is often used by web page editors, to test them on a page before using them.

There are users who have two or more WordPress web pages and copy certain functionalities from one to send to the other. This is easy to do in the case of widgets, requiring only the execution of a WordPress plugin, and the widgets previously activated.

The Widgets are as versatile as programming code, which allow you to include HTML, CSS and JavaScript, when there is already a custom group and you have to submit your installation, or save the codes for each widget in a text file.

The plugin Widget Importer & Exporter is a powerful tool that you can use to facilitate this work, you just have to download, install and activate it like any plugin in WordPress and then go to Tools> Widget Importer & Exporter, and there you will find the import and export tool for the widgets.

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If you want export a widget from a page to another through WordPress, you must have some prior considerations to execute this action.

It is an obvious thing, but perhaps necessary to say, that you must first have or create a web page with WordPress, plus an additional one where you’re going to pass the activated widgets to the other.

The process of exporting or copying a widget is very easy, and with the knowledge of the different options that WordPress brings, surely you will apply it step by step in the shortest possible time.

In this sense, start by looking for a plugin that will allow you to export the widgets of your page. But before that, you will go to Warning and click on the ‘Widgets’ option to verify that the widgets are enabled.

After this, when looking for the plugin you should go to the right part of the screen and click on plugins; In the new window, you will write the name of the plugin on the search bar: ‘Widget Importer and Exporter’.

export copy wordpress widgets

You are going to click on the option to install it and you will see that on the right side of the screen, when you go to Tools, the option to ‘Widget Importer and Exporter’. We recommend that you do this from the installation of WordPress in Spanish, so that there are no translation problems at any time.

To successfully clone a Widget on our websites we can make use of another plugin called Oomph Clone WidgetsYou must install it and activate it like any other plugin in wordpress, now when you have it active you will see on the left side of each active widget on your site a small cross, which if you stand on top of it you will see a text box that says : «Clone this Widget», once you do this, you only have to choose on which page of your website you want the «Clone» of your original widget to appear and if you wish, you can customize it later, since each of the duplicates will to function independently of the other.

Once the plugin is activated, we will only proceed to export or copy the widgets. To do this, we are going to click on the newly appeared option in Tools (Widget Importer and Exporter) and then we will click on Export widgets.

A pop-up window will appear, where we will be asked where on the device we want to save said copy or export, to which we will mark in ‘Downloads’ and we will click accept.

Then we will go to the other page, where we must also install the mentioned plugin, and once installed, it is crucial that it is activated. As this plugin is activated on the other page, we are going to click on the plugin (within Tools) so that the examine button will appear.

How to export my WordPress website widget to a different one

We will then take the generated file in downloads and click on the option to Import widgets. We can immediately see that the widgets have been imported.

Now with these imported widgets we will be able to use the functions of the exporter page, but now from inside this other page. An example of these very easy functions can be inserting a slider in WordPress, as well as others.

With the imported widgets, the same functions that were used in the exporting page can be applied; WordPress has this ability to facilitate these changes in the best way. Therefore, if you manage your page from a platform like Blogger, we recommend that you migrate to WordPress, to have more facilities of this type.

Among all the functions you can do with the widgets in WordPress highlights the ability to add various file formats, such as text files, images and videos; as well as adding menus and any type of link possible.

With widgets, whether imported or not, you can apply basically all means to insert content in WordPress format.

From writing articles for blogs and pages, to the different tools that are part of the interface of the page or entry in WordPress, it can be done by using widgets. For this reason, you should use them where you need to.

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