How to Extract or Split Pages of a PDF Document From the Chrome Browser

PDF documents have become one of the most comfortable options for preparation, transit and storage of documents for its ease of handling and the simplicity of its structure; everyone prefers a simpler to use format for their work.

There are many advantages, apart from those already mentioned and those that we will discuss in the following article, which has this type of format, but there is also a limiting disadvantage such as extracting the information from it, so we will explain to you how to do it from chrome.

What is a PDF document and why are they so widely used today?

We all know the digital tools for writing, storage and transit of documents such as the Microsoft Office brand package, with which information can be sent to third parties, through the use of email, pen drives and other means.

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A PDF document is another type of format designed to fulfill this function. According to its acronym in English, Portable Document Format translates to Portable Document Format, and is abbreviated as PDF for ease of pronunciation.

It was developed at the beginning, at the beginning of this century, by the renowned company Adobe Systems¸ in 2006, from which inception it has been allowed to link this format with those of the commercial type such as Microsoft Word, where it is available from 2007, and is associated thanks to the option to export document located in the upper corner left.

split or extract a pdf from chrome to read it

Today it is one of the most used formats for document management worldwide, as it has the characteristic of being multiplatform, meaning that it is universal, being possible its use for the main operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a document in PDF format?

Documents in PDF format have a wide variety of advantages in its characteristics as is the size of the PDF file, which can be relatively small when compared to other formats.

We can see this advantage when exporting from a Microsoft Word document, seeing how the amount of MB (Megabytes) is reduced. And this allows send information quickly and easily with the provision of being able to read the file from most devices.

Other advantages can be all the possible elements to be attached, and that is that in this format multimedia files such as videos, images and sound can be added. Also an advantage is the form of printing, which can be done from any device that can be linked to a printer, regardless of the type of its type.

An attractive feature is the ability to perform signatures digitally, which makes this format one of the most preferred by large companies and companies.

However, not everything can be as simple as explained, and it is that the PDF format can have some complications or limitations when extracting fragments, such as pages or other content, from a PDF document. But this also has a solution, and we will explain it to you below so that you can extract the information you need with just the use of the Chrome browser.

How to isolate the information you need from a PDF and remove the information you don’t want is something you can do from the same format. But you can also do it with the help of the Chrome browser.

pdf downloaded from chrome

As another proof of its versatility, you can do this from Windows or MacOS, with access to Chrome. Once inside the browser, you only need to load the file, which you can simplify by pressing control P, selecting the PDF file.

Then you go to the print option and give it click to change or change. You will see the option to save as PDF, or save as PDF, and you will click there, and choose the folder on your computer to save it.

Finally, you go to the bar where you can indicate the pages to extract and put the page numbers you need. Click save again and voila, you will have the document stored separately.

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