How to File a Claim with El Corte Inglés – Toll Free Claims

Submit a claim to El Corte InglésAs with any other series of business ventures, it may be due to a situation where a problem needs to be resolved. These situations can lead to simple solutions such as those more complex for some users, an example would be claims against inaccurate information from Buró de Crédito.

How count and claim?, nowadays most of the claims that can be made to El Corte Inglés are through an intelligent device. There are many contact and claim scenarios for Glovo as a company, as well as for El Corte Inglés.

How to file a claim with El Corte Inglés? – via telephone

El Corte Inglés, as a global distribution group in Spain, has almost 80 years of work experience and a policy of constant customer service. In addition, it adjusts to today’s modern competition and has its official website available to anyone to find out about how to file claims.

The claims to a company They are an uncomfortable situation to which anyone can be subjected to face to present their complaints, especially if it is an online purchase in El Corte Inglés. It is here where the contact with customer service comes in that even mobile applications currently have to serve their users.

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The first mechanism to establish contact can be considered to be through the telephone service. El Corte Inglés in Spain offers general telephone service gratuitous supplied under number 901 122 122.

However, if the user wishes it is information related to the online shopping service, this company manages by another telephone contact. Being the toll-free number of 900 373 111, it is important to note that it is intended for inquiries that do not relate to food products.

However, as El Corte Inglés is made up of a group of companies of different formats, it also offers a contact number for the Supermarket Service. This through the toll-free number 900 494 656.

Problems or information about El Corte Inglés travel?, you can easily contact the telephone number 911 220 044. There is no service that this group of companies offers and that is not backed by a warm customer service team.

How to file a claim with El Corte Inglés? – Other media

El Corte Inglés provides many tools to its users so that they can resolve your complaints or concerns through any means they have available. Attention to the public today is one of the most important factors that stands out in any company.

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A email Sometimes it may be the best option to file a claim with El Corte Inglés and receive a prompt response. It will be enough to write to the company’s customer service department at the address: [email protected]

However, you have to be beautiful and very clear at the time of writing the email with the reason for the claim. Above all, specify the products and the reason for the claim in question, in many cases, raising a solution can also be a good alternative.

Social media

The social media nowadays they are a fundamental mechanism to which anyone can go to present their complaints. El Corte Inglés has a general account on Twitter that can be found as @ elcorteinglés, but it also has an account for customer service such as @elcorteinglesac.

I do not receive responses from El Corte Inglés

If the response from El Corte Inglés has had an unusual delay, or has not been satisfactory for the client, you can go to Consumption or to the courts. It should be noted that the Consumer Arbitration System body cannot be used because El Corte Inglés is not a member of it.

It must be remembered that the client must always receive an answer, in the worst case scenario a valid explanation that responds to their claim.

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