How to Fill and Print Checks From My PC – Apps To Fill and Print

Should you make a payment by check, but don’t have a checkbook? In this case, you should not worry, since in this article we will teach you how to fill out and print checks from my computer.

The usefulness of checks

Checks are documents of great importance in the business area, since they allow the issuance of a certain amount of money to another person or business entity to pay a debt or service. Since the Credit cards, the popularity of checks has been declining over time.

filling checks

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However, the relevance of this type of document remains the same, since with checks we avoid the use of physical money when making a payment.

How is a check filled out?

It is necessary to recognize that there are various types of checks (bearer, nominative, to order). They all have in common the fact that they require data such as the date, the name of the beneficiary, the amount to be paid in letters and numbers.

In the check to the bearer if the words «to the bearer» are not crossed out, anyone can cash it. On the other hand, in the check to the order, it is crossed out «to the bearer» and it can be collected by the beneficiary indicated on the check with the option to «endorse». In the nominative check, when the words “to the bearer” and “to the order of” are crossed out, the collection is limited only to the beneficiary indicated on the check without the option of endorsing to deposit.

In conclusion, A check is one of the best forms of payment that you can use and more when it comes to companies, because you can make huge transactions with these, filling these checks is very easy and it is an extremely simple procedure, what you should do first is put the name of the beneficiary, of course if the check is nominative in case it is not and it is to the bearer you only have to place the word «bearer» in the same field; as a second step you have to place the date, this you have to place with the day in numbers, the month in letters and the year in numbers.

As a third step, you have to fill in the field of the money you want to place in a check, this must be placed accordingly, that is, in letters or numbers, but you must take into account the placement of the numeral symbol (#) or the asterisk

At the beginning and end of the amount, this in order not to add more money, as a last step you must place your signature since without it the check has no value.

What are the most common applications for filling out checks on a computer?

It is possible to fill out and print checks from the computer, leaving aside the only apparent option of having the bank for this document to be valid. You can even cancel your debts online today to save time. Today, with the rise of PC applications, it is possible to create checks from the computer quickly and easily. For this, it is important that you know the various software options

offered by the web so that you can choose the most viable alternative according to your possibilities.

There are a large number of applications with which you can fill a check through your computer, and with these you can have a better management of your money and the transactions you make; There are many apps to fill checks but as such the most common ones are usually AccelMax Check Writer, CheckSoft and PrintBoss

AccelMax Check Writer AccelMax Check Writer is a fabulous free software that can be used to create a check register

and print them according to the way you prefer.  The application that you will get on the AccelMax website allows you to configure the checks according to a particular design and customize the format according to your preferences.  With AccelMax you can even create charts, get an account summary, and configure your invoices.

fill pc checks

To fill out the check, simply write the date, the name of the beneficiary in the corresponding text box, the amount to be paid in letters and numerical values.

With the AccelMax Check Writer application you can configure or adjust your checks, since with the scan of the check paper or with a simple image of a check belonging to your bank you can adjust or edit its design and that of the checks, this you do with just select, drag and drop fields, objects, and you can even edit the font style to your liking, in short, there are many things you can do with this application such as account summaries, configure your own invoices, among others.

Checksoft Checksoft is a payment tool that will allow you to fill checks and use additional options for billing operations. Checksoft is available for the Windows system from the official website and presents a set of templates that you can choose from, as well aslogos and background images


Checksoft’s interface is similar to that of AccelMax when filling out checks. However, Checksoft has its own check paper which limits the printing process. This software is currently temporarily unavailable.

As well as other applications to fill checks, Checksoft offers you an incredible operation for your computer with windows 10, 8 and 7, this app has software with different versions such as personal, commercial, among others;  This is one of the best apps for filling out your checks, it even has billing tools and alternatives, on the other hand it gives you access to more than 100 of its check templates, allowing you to also create your own checkbook. with more than 1,000 icons, images, backgrounds, among other things.  Checksoft offers its users multiple tools to help them manage and register their accounts.

check to print

PrintBoss PrintBoss is considered the standard tool for writing checks. The application has other packages with business and standard editions which can be tested in a period of 30 days. Once you access PrintBoss from its official website, you will be able to complete the check filling process and review the differenttemplates offered by this software

. Additionally, PrintBoss provides a variety of formats, allows you to customize backgrounds, and create a signature. This application is one of the best check printing programs for Windows programs, as PrintBots offers you different optional packages for QuickBooks, Sage and other softwares; Its standard and business package editions offer you different options ranging from

$ 150 to $ 795, they allow you to test their application for 30 days for free.

Print the check To print the check you will need a inkjet or laser printer

that allow printing on check paper. In addition, it is highly recommended that you purchase magnetic ink so that the checks are processed quickly by the bank, although this procedure is not required.

Finally, be sure to add contact details (at the top of the check), the routing number (at the bottom left), your account number, the fractional number, and list your check before printing it; This way you will avoid having perception problems in your business.

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