How to fill out a contract or application for a housing lease if I am a natural person

Many people find themselves in circumstances that force them in some way to make a lease, either for work or for not owning a home of their own. In the development of this information, you will be able to verify in a simple way, how the lease if you are a natural person.

How to fill out a housing lease contract or application if I am a natural person?

For a reciprocal leasing relationship to exist, the parties in question, that is, both the lessee and the lessor must legally establish its conditions. There are several types of leasing, which of course have different requirements, so this time we will talk to you when you are an individual or common person.

When carrying out a procedure of this nature, several factors are taken into account, such as the legal procedure, the lease fee. Likewise, the respective agreement that the landlord has established with the tenant is taken into consideration, remember that these procedures make the contract possible.

Real estate terms

If you are looking to rent a home and want to do so because of the legal terms, here are some basic terms.

  1. Lessor: Person who temporarily grants the rental of your property, receiving a stipulated payment for this.
  2. Lessee: Person who benefits from the specific use of a property at the rate of a regular payment.
  3. Canyon: Real estate expression to refer to an obligation to pay for a good.
  4. Co-signer: It is a secondary person who is responsible for the payment of the debt when it requires to be canceled.

In order to carry out a procedure, you can go to an insurance company of your convenience, which will provide security of your procedures. In general, an insurer and even a co-debtor are used to obtain support, obtain success in the procedures and in the lease.

submitting rental application

  • Request the form, which may have a monetary cost.
  • The request must be correctly answered, with their respective signatures, such as that of the tenant and his co-debtors.
  • Have proof of credited income, which doubles the fixed fee, of course everything will depend on the cost of the rental.
  • Identity document of the tenant and his co-debtors.
  • Current employment certification, where your income is expressed, and since when you have practiced your profession in the company.
  • In case of being retired, then you must show minimum the last three income movements.
  • If you belong to a legal entity, you must present proof of your financial statements, which certify that you are able to pay.

What if you don’t have a co-signer?

In case you do not have the financial support of a person, the requirements are those that we present below.

  1. Application form.
  2. Identity card.
  3. Labor documentation.
  4. Bank summary of your income movements.
  5. Single tax registry.
  6. Financial statement, if you have them.
  7. Photocopy of the last rental statement.

Subsequent procedures

After you have properly gathered all the required documentation, you should wait approximately one day or more to receive a response. Both the tenant and the landlord must be aware that enter a rental request, does not necessarily mean that it will be accepted.

Anyway, the insurance company will inform you if there are more options to lease, later you would have to gather the legal documentation, which we described earlier. You may have to visit the places that may be a rental option, before making a hasty decision, evaluate suitable rental conditions.

Agreements between landlord and tenant

Previously, we mentioned the factors that involve the leases, in addition to the legal procedures, there are the agreements between the interested parties. It is recommended that all agreements be left in writing, no matter how insignificant they may seem, thus avoiding inconveniences in the future.

  • The duration of the lease.
  • The cost of the rent.
  • The rights of use.
  • Duties of the house maintenance.
  • Description of the state of the property before being delivered.
  • And other details that the interested parties have.

receiving lease

Making a rental application ensures the financial well-being of the owner and the use of the rented property, as well as the one who rents. They should always make sure leave everything in writing, signed and endorsed, use the corresponding Leasing Law, which gives protection to the tenant.

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