How to Fill Out a Money Order for the ISR or Uscis to Send Money to an Inmate for MoneyGran

When a relative or acquaintance is in prison, it is possible to send them money. It is not advisable to send money unless the inmate requests it. However, in case your inmate is requesting money, surely many people do not properly know how to send it. This is possible thanks to money order.

A money order, literally a payment order, is a document with which you can make a payment to a third party. It is similar to how a check works, but much more reliable than this. This is due to the fact that the payment orders require the advance of the money in advance. Making a money order for an inmate is not complicated and can be solved through many money transfer companies in the US.

For this specific time, we will show how to do it by MoneyGram shipping company. MoneyGram is safe, efficient and reliable and has on its page a section on sending money to different entities. In this case to prisons. In it, he explains that your shipping network reaches several stores making it even easier to send money.

However, we are going to show you in both ways how to send money directly and how to do it through a money order. This is because not all facilities will have a MoneyGram branch in their commissary.

How did you send money to an inmate to his commissary account?

First of all, a commissary is like a store inside the institution where inmates can buy products with their funds. Things like mainly food, snacks, clothes and shoes, cleaning and personal hygiene products, or entertainment products such as magazines are sold.

person counting money from money order

The commissars have an internal payment system in place for each inmate who it would work like a bank account. They can generate funds in that account by doing work within the institution or in this case, if a family member sends them money. Methods for sending funds vary by state and facility.

However, most can accept payments directly on site. From the lobby or a position in the lobby you can send the money directly to the commissary account. If the payment method will be the money order, you must take the following into account.

What information is required to fill out a money order for an inmate?

You must buy the money order or money order at the post office. The shipping method will vary, but it will be similar to filling out a money order to ISR or USCIS. You need the inmate’s full name, your prison identification number and your location.

In the money order, the own data that you must fill in are your name, your address, although if you want to maintain your privacy, you could omit it. And also additional details such as your account number or even the reason for the payment for the inmate. Once you place your signature, it will be ready.

Save the other documents that you receive from the money order in case of any complication with the delivery of the payment. Remember that you must contact the center where your inmate is being held to learn more about the payment method.

How I send money to an inmate directly through MoneyGram

Search the website or call them on the phone. After this, ask about the procedure to send the money order and the limits and payment conditions. This is because many times the maximum that can receiving an inmate ranges from $ 200 to $ 300.

person using money gram from money order

If the commissary or headquarters has a MoneyGram branch, then the process is much easier. You also need the name and identification number of the inmate in the correctional facility where he is. Later, the MoneyGram receipt code or the name of the center. You have to figure this out very well in order to proceed.

As the inmate money section clarifies on the MoneyGram page, payments can be sent in cash or through debit account. The page will give you a form that you must fill out and the waiting time for payment will be 3 to 4 business days.

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