How to Fill out a Western Union Money Order in Spanish to Send Money Correctly

Nowadays it has become very popular send money through remittance companies, since there are family members who emigrate to other countries in search of a better future and a better economy, and in this way to be able to maintain or support their family who remain in the country of origin. This is more often the case in poor countries.

So, sending money through remittances has become a large part of the economy of low-income countries, as money sent from abroad by relatives is the largest financial support for developing countries. Remittances can also foster the desire to undertake and excel, in people from less developed countries.

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Today we have different methods of getting money from one country to another. We only need to take into account shipping rates, changes between currencies and the time it will take to process the transaction. In general, these methods are very simple, companies like Western Union offer a very simple and fast procedure when sending or receiving remittances. Next we will give you the details.

What is Western Union?

Western Union is the oldest company for sending and receiving money between different countries, with more than 100 years of experience and more than 200 offices around the world. Currently it is one of the most reliable and efficient in terms of sending money remittances.

This has a simple system that consists of filling out a form, either physically or using a Western Union sending form to send money online, it gives us a tracking number, with which the destination person will take care of withdraw your money at any of its offices closest, in case of being cash. It is important to know that we can also pay or charge for services with the mobile without using cash.

Another method that the Western Union company offers us is send remittances online, that is, through the internet. In this procedure, we only have to enter the official Western Union page, register, fill out the corresponding forms, enter the data of the person to whom the transaction is directed, and that’s it.

When you withdraw the money received by Western you only have to carry your identification document staff with a photo, the data of who sent the remittance, the control number of the operation and the amount that you are going to receive approximately.

Where do I get a Western Union money order to send money?

This form, form or money order can be found directly at any Western Union office, as well as at stores authorized by the company to sell them.

In the case of being in the United States, you can buy the form at any of the United States post offices. It is important to note that when requesting a money order somewhere other than the Western Union offices, you must specify and ensure that this is from the Western Union company as there are several more companies that offer the same service.

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Steps to fill out a Western Union money order to send money in Spanish

As we said earlier, Western Union offers a simple system when it comes to sending money. It will only be enough to fill out a form, in this case a money orderHowever, you must do it correctly so that there is no error when making the transaction and the money reaches the destination person without problems. The steps to fill out a money order are as follows:

  • The first thing to keep in mind and be sure is how much money are you going to send to have information on the transfer of payments in the economy
  • You are going to place your data and those of the recipient in a detailed and correct, either a company or a person
  • Then you reflect the exact direction from the Western Union office where the money is going, that is, country, state and municipality
  • And finally, vwe verify that all the data is correct and we deliver the money order to a Wester Union office to make the due payment, and that’s it.

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