How to Find and Add Friends to Steam without Paying or Buying Games From PC or Mobile

Currently there are many platforms and applications which will allow you to create an account and be able to buy games of your choice up to the most current ones, these have stood out, since many of these have the ability to store all games purchased in it, and thus be able to play them from any computer.

Some of these platforms are already well known and with millions of active users on them, who buy many famous titles, one of the most outstanding is the Epic Games Store, Origin and Uplay that have gained a very large number of users in recent years by the deliveries of next generation games, which are quickly available on these platforms to be purchased by the players.

They are very good and easy to use when buying video games with exclusive content, and being able to enjoy them whenever you want. On the other hand, most users prefer to use one of these platforms, which is the best known and the one that has been operating and providing services for more than a decade, so here we will explain how add friends to Steam without paying from PC or Mobile. Continue reading and find out more.

What is Steam?

Steam is a very practical and active application that was launched by Valve on September 12, 2003, as a platform distributor of digital content and video games; in which we will be able to find titles from independent developers to some of the great franchises and the best known in the gamer world.

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In it you can add friends or users from other accounts to have conversations with them or compete against them, there are very easy methods to add people to your Steam account although the normal thing is to buy deliveries available on the page, which gives you a certain level to that you can Send a solicitude to the users you want to integrate to your friends list. Here you can access the official Steam page.

Also, if you already have an account at Epic games and you already have some games stored in it, but you also want them on Steam, there is not much to worry about, since you can find out and find out how to pass or add Epic Games games to Steam, and learn how to do this process quickly And simple.

How to add friends to Steam without paying from PC or Mobile

To be able to add friends to Steam you must bear in mind that for this you must have bought at least one game, or have it stored in your Steam wallet minimum 5 $ dollars or the equivalent in your currency. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to send the request to your friends; and you will not add them to your list, although if they comply with those rules you will be able to accept their invitations.

Although these rules exist, there are different ways to have friends on Steam for free without any problem, to do this, access the application and enter your account by entering your data and password.

Once you have logged in, go to your profile and look for the option “Modify profile“And you will see a group of options, of which we go to”Custom url”You have to actively modify the URL to be able to customize it.

add friends on steam

Save everything you have changed in the settings, But before doing so, you will have to copy the entire link that will appear at that moment.

Finally, you just have to tell the other user that they also modify their link in the same way that you did; It only remains to send it by another source either by WhatsApp or Facebook so that he can place it in his account. And ready in this way you can add your contacts.

This is the most reliable way to add users or friends to Steam, In the same way, we invite you to know how to restore your Steam games with a backup or backup easily.

On the other hand if you want to play, but from mobile devices You can find out how to play Steam games on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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