How to Find Out and Know How Many GB My iPhone Has Step by Step

The iPhone was designed by the Apple company in 2007, in turn these mobile devices are smartphones which have or have multimedia functions. It also allows internet connection, it is also one of the most widely sold devices today.

It should also be noted that the iPhone has great security, since it does not allow viruses. So you can install applications directly from the Apple Store, as it is fully controlled. It is one of the safest mobile systems so you don’t have to worry about installing antivirus.

In turn, iPhones have a great diversity of good applications, which are updated and that mark a turning point between productivity and stability. In the same way, for its users it is important to also understand where the ability to GB storage they have to continue enjoying it. You can update your iPhone to the latest version.

Steps to find out how many GB my iPhone has

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Below we will explain what are the steps to follow so that you can see how many GB you have left on your iPhone device. At the same time you can perceive which is the overall GB capacity with which the device has.

First you must turn on the iPhone and then you can go to the section of «configuration or settings». Once you are in that section, you should look for the menu option «general». It will display a new menu where you must scroll down to the choice of «use».

Once you are located in this section you will be able to notice or find out how much storage you have available highlighting that it indicates the capacity in GB. You will also be able to notice how many GB you have available and how many you have used.

At the same time, you can see the list with the amount of GB that have been used and together they explain how you have occupied that space. For example, you can say that 1.5 GB have been consumed in photos and videos and so on you will be able to see the list with the rest of the applications or tools.

Therefore, you can determine which is the application that consumes the most storage, and if you want to obtain more space you can delete or uninstall certain applications or tools. That is why you are shown a detailed list so that you are aware of how much space each application occupies in case you want to delete some.

Finally, if you want to leave that section, you can press the start button and in this way you will exit directly from the «Configuration» section.

What are GB and its importance?

Byte, kilobyte, megabyte scale

Initially, it should be mentioned that GB are considered as a unit of measurement that can be found in mobile devices, pendrive, hard disk, among others. We can highlight that a GB could be a kilo of anything, so we can explain that a gram could be a mega.

We can also say that a photo can weigh 1 mega, so in a memory or storage of one GB you could save around 1000 photos. This is to clarify what you can do with the GB.

Highlighting that all the applications that are downloaded to the iPhone and each of the tools bring with them a weight or storage expressed in GB.

Together it should be noted that each of the functions that are performed within the device comply with the GB consumption. In short, photos, videos, music, applications, tools, internet, web pages and any other function have their own units of weights transformed into Gigabytes.

Therefore, they are used to understand what the storage capacity of the equipment is. It is also important to mention that GB may be needed to surf the internet; for this reason it is necessary buy a data package which you can enjoy through them.

In short, through these simple steps you can find out the GB storage space that your iPhone has available to you.

Finally, we hope this article has been helpful to you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to find out and know how many GB your iPhone has?Do you know another technique to find out and know how many GB my iPhone has? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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