How to Find Out if Someone Rejected or Deleted My Friendship Request on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most recognized and important social networks in the virtual world. Millions of users around the planet They use this important platform, from children to adults, anywhere, country and more. Being so global, we are very likely to find colleagues and friends with ease.

Inside of wide variety of options and services, we can search for those people we know who have a user on this social network. As well, we can see your profile or page on Facebook, your photos, your post, your likes, among others. For later, if you wish, add it to your friends list.

Once the previous step has been completed, we will have to wait for the person we want to have on our friends list to accept the request sent. Once she accepts this request, all the activity in her profile can be seen from your feed without any inconvenience, too. you will be able to react and interact with their post.

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Maybe at some point in which you are walking through your feed you have stopped seeing posts, comments or any other type of post from that person that we once accepted as friends. This can have two simple explanations, we will comment them so that you are fully aware.

In some cases, perhaps those who use this social network do not have full time available to enter the platform, this could be one of the reasons. But perhaps the safest is that it may this person that you used to have as a friend eliminated you from your buddy list on Facebook.

What is a friends list?

Facebook is a social network that has a large number of tools and services, within this large portfolio of options, we can view our list of friends and colleagues. But what is this really? Don’t worry, stay with us and we’ll explain.

Being a social network, one of its primary functions and objectives is connect with other people, both close to our location and to other parts of the world. All those you like can send them a friend request and after they accept it, they will officially be on our friends list.

In this list will be all those people who have accepted our friend requests and who have sent us one of these requests. We can search this list from coworkers, close friends, family and all those people with whom we can interact through this innovative social network.

Have I been rejected or removed from the friends list on Facebook?

As we said before, in this list we will have all the people who accepted or sent us a respective friend request. But in such a case that we can no longer see their activity in our feed, most likely they they ignored our request or removed us from your list on this social network.

If you want to be totally sure of this, we can follow a few simple steps to find out in full which people are no longer our friends on Facebook and who continue to be. Stay with us and we will explain everything related to this respective process.

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Our first step It will be to enter the Facebook web page, once we are there, we will proceed to log in by placing our respective email with which we create our account and our password. Once inside the page we will go to the home of our profile and select in the «Friends» section.

There we can see a wide list of those people who are connected to us (Co-workers, relatives, neighbors) and who also have a profile on this platform, but we will go to the option «See sent requests» and click.

Once this is done, a new portal will be opened in which if in this menu of requests that it presents to us Our friend request sent does not appear that person, we will know that he rejected it and if we look for it and it does not appear, it is very likely that it will place its profile as a private account.

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