How to Find Out Who Likes You on Twoo Know It for Free?

Twoo, is an application that has about 18 million users, launched in 2011, aimed especially at the public that is quickly looking for a partner. It is a platform similar to any other social network that allows you to chat with people you want to meet regardless of whether they live in a different country or city.

Among the services that the application provides to its users is; the availability of a mobile application, allowing all users to enjoy more comfort and simplicity. In addition to that, this platform is available in about 38 languages, which makes it easier to use, since this will not be a barrier in meeting people.

How does the Twoo flirt and meet people App works.

This is a wonderful App for those people who want to meet new people and make new friends and you could even go on a date if you wish, because that is the function of Twoo, one of the advantages is that it is available in 38 languages ​​or languages, which means that you can meet people from anywhere in the world.

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The Twoo application not only allows you to meet people through images, but also to talk to them through their chat system since people are available at any time, becoming an exciting and pleasant experience.

To meet people in Twoo you just have to register and complete your profile with all the required data, confirm your email and voila you can chat with the people you want. Thanks to the operation of this platform, you can filter the type of person you want to meet including their age and where they are located.

Twoo main functions

Of the main functions and services offered by Twoo that attract the most attention of users is that of «Discover in Twoo», with which you can meet different people. Also, another function that people like is the help that their GPS provides so that you can find people near or in your same area.

Another very interesting feature of Twoo is the availability in the chat; in which a filter is integrated that allows finding people by the location that you provide. What’s more, the notifications of this application are located in a strategic site, in a column to the sides, so you can easily see who to chat with.

twoo interface

So, know these interesting details of one of the most used social networks in recent years to contact friends and find a partner. Even, this application is competing with many websites who are known for this, as their large community is making it more active. Remember that despite being a paid application, this is not an impediment to use it, you just have to keep in mind that you will not have all the options enabled.

What to do to meet new people on Twoo?

To start enjoying browsing the web of this application, you must create an account, which is a fairly simple step to perform. If you forget your password you can solve that problem in a very easy way, to register you can do it for your website or by downloading the mobile app first and thus be able to complete the profile with your complete personal data.

cell phone with twoo

Along the same lines, to finalize the creation of the profile, you have to add an active email when the application asks you to do so and create a safe, easy password that is easy to remember. Sharing this email is an important step to successfully complete your profile, since Twoo will send you an email with a confirmation message that you must accept.

Once you have that confirmation message, your Twoo account can be verified and thus finalize adding data, such as your personality, your lifestyle, physical appearance and interests.

How to find out who likes you on Twoo

It goes without saying that you have the intrigue of knowing who likes you in Twoo, but, you don’t know how, we’ll tell you here. You just have to log in or register in your account Twoo and in the news section you will find the alternative «I like you» There you will be able to know who likes you and even their age and where the person is from.

Although Twoo is an application that is downloaded for free, there are options to enjoy them you must pay to get Premium plans; where you can find out who is attracted to you. Therefore, right here we will quickly explain to you after a couple of tricks how you can know this without having to cancel anything in the application.

The first advice that we are going to explain to you is the following; Take advantage of the trial mode of the same Premium plans, which for a certain time is free. In that simple way and without paying any plan, you can know which Twoo users have given you «I like it» to your Twoo feed.

Another tactic for knowing this is one where you can remain anonymous; To do this, you go to the «I like» option, where you can see the photos of the people who have given you «likes». But, the photos of these people will be pixelated, so they will not look good, but their age and the first letter of that person’s name appear.

With these data it will be enough to know who these people are; for that, you have to go to the «visits» section where the people who have visited your profile. Knowing the age, the first letter of his name and with the slightly pixelated photo you can find the profile of the person who gave you I like.

logo of the app to meet people twoo

What is the Premium version of Twoo

Since the free version of this App does not offer many alternatives or possibilities, it offers you its premium version which gives you much more quality and options when meeting people and increasing their characteristics, this has several rates, the weekly has a cost of 3.59 Euros or also the monthly with a price of 9.99 Euros, taking into account that these are the premium versions most accessible to the public.

How to find out who likes you on Twoo for free

You can learn several tricks of this platform, and one of them is how to know who likes you on Twoo and the best thing about this is that for free, you just have to go to Discover and with the characteristics or data of the age, the initial of the name and the colors of the profile image of the person you will be able to know to find who you like

How to earn points on Twoo for free

Currently we do not know a way to generate Twoo free points, because you can only buy them by paying through accounts PayPal or with credit cards, they offer you different options because the more points you have or buy, the cheaper the purchase packages will be, which vary between 6 to 18 dollars that would be equivalent to 5, 10 or 20 points of Twoo.

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