How to Fit Text to a Path in Corel DRAW – Step by Step (Example)

Know how to adapt text to a path in Corel DRAW – Step by Step, it is essential to carry out quality work that stands out from the rest. The truth is that it is a fairly simple process, anyway if you have doubts do not worry, our purpose is to help you.

Other actions such as inserting and formatting artistic text in Corel DRAW will also help you to have a more professional job. Without further ado, read the following guide in which we will teach you how to fit text to a path.

First steps to adapt a text to a path

Using the multiple tools present in Corel DRAW, it is possible to orient our texts in a way that highlights the appearance of our design work. Adapting a text to a path fulfills this aesthetic purpose, follow the instructions below to do so.

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Create the text

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If you want to adapt a text to a path, you must clearly have the text prepared first. If you are a newbie, read the following guide to create a text within Corel DRAW:

  1. It is time to create that text that we want to adapt a specific route.
  2. For this we will use the text tool classical. Write the text and change the format parameters as you wish, this has no relevance when making the journey.
  3. In any case, we recommend using a appropriately sized text, so that it is completely visible once we carry out the procedure.
  4. At this point or you may consider using the mesh fill and applying it to text in CorelDraw, which helps with aesthetics.
  5. Finally, when you are satisfied with the text created, you can start with the procedure to adapt it to a set path.

How to Fit Text to a Path in Corel DRAW – Step by Step

After following the steps above, you will have your text ready. Once you have the text that you want to adapt to a specific line or shape, you must follow these simple steps:

Create the path

Before starting the procedure to create a text path, you need to create the lines that the text will follow. This can be done very easily with Corel DRAW, read the following information:

  1. To start creating a path, you should go to the «Freehand» section, click here and then on Three point curve, an option that will allow us to make a journey more efficiently.
  2. Using this tool it is possible to create curved lines, first you must establish how many curves you want, remember that for each of the curves it is necessary to create a line.
  3. Suppose you want to create two curves, in which case use the tool to create a line and set the curvature according to the center points (we mean the upper and lower center points).
  4. Once you finish with the first line, you can proceed with the second, for this press on nodes (that is, the points located at the culmination of the line). Repeat the procedure for the next line.
  5. Once you feel satisfied with the result, we can proceed to create the route.

Corel DRAW

Fit text to a path in Corel DRAW

Corel DRAW provides all the options to adapt a text to a path, so the process is quite simple. If in doubt, read the following instructions carefully:

  1. You must click on the Selection Tool and then select the text that you created previously.
  2. Now go to the top of your screen, to the text menu. After this look for the option Fit text to path.
  3. Drag the text onto the path you created and configure it to suit what you want.
  4. If you want to configure other aesthetic aspects, you can access the small menu located at the top left of the screen Text orientation. Using this function it is possible to change the general aesthetics of the created text path.
  5. To delete the route line, just click on the text and then go to the Organize section, located in the upper menus. Various options will be displayed, click on Separate text.
  6. Now just select the path line and delete it.

In addition to the above, you may also consider using Corel DRAW’s PowerClip options and effects that will further extend the editing capabilities of your project.

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