How to Fix 0xc000009c Status_Device_data_Error in Windows 10? (Example)

Windows is one of the best operating systems that exist today, this is because contains tons of cool features to work with, How to pin websites to the taskbar, however, although it is good it is not without problems, and that is why today you will see How to fix the 0xc000009c status_device_data_error?

And it is that, although Windows always teaches you the name of the error that occurs to you (because there is more than one), most of the time this information is useless, because it comes without an explanation of how to solve it, making it imperative that these types of guides be created so that users do not die trying to repair their PC.

How to fix 0xc000009c status_device_data_error?

To start with the explanation that will let you solve the 0xc000009c status_device_data_error, you have to know that there are two ways with which you can get rid of this annoying problem.

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The first of them (and the one recommended by Windows), is to run a diagnostic on your RAM memory to find faults, since usually this error is due to out of memory or the memory has become corrupted (stopped working).

In order to run the diagnosis, you have to go to the start of your PC, there write «Memory»With that you will get a list of options from which you must choose the one called «Windows memory diagnosis».

windows 10 error

This action will cause a dialog box to appear with other options, in this one choose «Restart now and check if there are problems», that will start a complete diagnosis on your PC (memory), which It will inform you if there is a problem and will solve it.

Now, if your problem is much bigger (like for example the memory is completely useless), then it is likely that not even this process can help you at all.

If that is your case, it will touch you buy the component that has been damaged, or take the PC to an expert to review it, because most likely, with your knowledge, you will not be able to do anything else (remember that it is better to save your computer in time, to continue doing things on your own and you end up damaging it more).

Second solution to the evil error!

With the above you already know how to solve the 0xc000009c status_device_data_error, however, as you had been told before, there is still another way to get rid of this mistake, and it is serious by means of a command.

What you have to do to achieve this solution is to first go to the system console or CMD. This console is the one that allows you to add the commands in Windows, with which you can do all kinds of things such as formatting a hard drive.

lighted windows

To get there, you have to go to the Windows start and type in the CMD search engine, once the program comes out, press it to open. When the console is open, write inside it the following command: SFC / Scannow and hit enter.

This action will cause all the folders on your PC to be checked (in relation to the problem), and will solve any inconvenience That is present. And voila, with that last one, you know what you have to do to solve the 0xc000009c status_device_data_error.

As a final recommendation, you shouldn’t be left with just this informationInstead, it would be nice if you kept looking more about Windows errors so that none of them take you by surprise. For example to solve the update error 0x800705b4, it is always good to be prepared and recognize that although Windows is great it tends to suffer many errors, but there is no need to be alarmed anyway we have solutions at hand.

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