How to Fix a Keyboard or Some Keys Not Working on My PC? – Step by step guide

The keyboard is an instrument that contains a set of letters which are used to write and have the computer control, we can even put a virtual keyboard on the computer screen. These are not easily damaged, but sometimes they can present certain types of errors that can cause problems when using it.

But you should not worry about that, since there are some methods for you to solve these problems yourself, and you can even check the status of the operation of a keyboard online. Some of these errors commonly occur on keyboards and can even lead you to think that it is some kind of problem that the setting in the system, but it turns out to be somewhat simpler.

How to fix the problems of a PC key?

To fix the problems of a key on the PC, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Disconnect and connect the computer device again.
  • Then you must restart it, since in many occasions the keys stop working due to a bad connection.
  • It is recommended that you go to the website of the manufacturer of your keyboard and update device driver, so that you can download and later install the latest update for your driver.
  • Later, disconnect and verify your keyboard connector; Remember that the PS / 2 connector has six hooks, if they are bent you must straighten them carefully, as they are very delicate. You should bear in mind that if you have a broken hook, the ideal would be to buy another keyboard.
  • Try try another word processing program, because in some formats the keys may not work correctly.

How to fix the bugs in a PC keyboard?

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You must perform a circuit repair which is very delicate. If you do not feel qualified, the ideal would be to consult a technician. For this procedure you must have a digital multimeter, blade screwdriver, cotton and conductive paint. The steps to follow are those:

  • Open the keyboard Carefully using the screwdriver, remove the membrane from the keyboard and look at the part with the printed circuit that is the one that matters.
  • Then it is necessary, clean the entire membrane, using the circuit cleaner liquid and wait for it to dry. You should look at the circuit in detail to be able to identify where the damaged or dusty segments are.
  • As soon as you identify the problem, you can use multimeter, placing it in one of the nodes to measure the resistance.
  • You must then use the conductive paint, using needles so that the lines of the circuit are well.
  • Finally, you must use the multimeter to measure electrical flowIf the result is close to 0 it is better, since the continuity of the circuit is in good condition.
  • Remember close the keyboard and connect it to the computer to verify that the keyboard is working normally.

Learn about some of the reasons why the keyboard may be faulty

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Keyboard failures are very common and have different origins. Most of these problems are due to excess dirt that these keyboards can have such as: dust, debris and other small elements, they cause these failures, damaging the keyboard circuits.

Another critical factor causing device failure is humidity. Care must be taken where you locate these keyboards, as moisture can cause sulfation in them, causing complete interruption in current flow.

At the same time, if you are not careful and wet the keyboard, you can damage the board of the device. But you can take care of preventing all these inconveniences.

In turn, you must ensure that not having the keyboard and computer in dusty spaces. Avoid eating food on it, try not to have the device in ventilated spaces so that humidity does not cause damage, and if the keyboard has been wet, ideally you should turn off the equipment and unplug it at once to let it dry and thus avoid more damage.

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