How to Fix an Android Cell that Won’t Charge the Battery? (Example)

Daily use can generate mobile phones start to have problems. One of the factors that most often affects the useful life of the cell phone is the battery. This tutorial explains how to repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery.

The cell phone is the device that is used the most per day. It is always in your hand with an extension of it. Whether it’s talking on the phone, playing video games, or using it to work. For this reason it is worrisome when the battery begins to fail.

There are many circumstances that can cause your phone’s battery to not charge properly. A battery that does not charge is not the death sentence of a mobile phone. Follow these tips before deciding to buy a new one.

What can you do to repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery?

That your phone does not want charge the battery it doesn’t always mean you should throw it away. Sometimes it is other factors that do not allow it to work properly.

Before sending your mobile to the technician to repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery, it is recommended that you follow some of these steps:

Monitor your battery
One of the first things you should do if your Android cell phone is not charging is to monitor the status of its battery. In Google Play there are many free applications that you can download to facilitate this task. There are specific cases such as why a Samsung downloads very quickly without using it, which obviously need more tailored to the task.

When it comes to monitoring, it also refers to the fact of knowing how many mAh the Android mobile is charging and determining, if it is still functional, if it is appropriate to save the battery of the Android mobile without applications.

These will help you to know when the battery is charging or not, if it discharges too quickly or if it charges too slowly.

battery drains very fast

It is very useful to perform battery monitoring before and after carrying out actions that can help to repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery, so you know for sure if something worked or not.

Check external cargo elements

Before blaming all evil only on the battery of the phone it is advisable to take a look at the cable and adapter current. The problem may actually be there.

To determine if these elements are the ones that are failing you can try to charge your phone with another cable and adapter with which it is compatible. If it starts to load correctly, then that’s where the problem lies.

Finding the fault in one of these elements is a relief, as it will always be cheaper replenish the charger to buy another cell phone.

Check the USB port

If you found that it is not the charger that is failing, the other option can be the USB port. It is common that with daily use it is moved and does not make the necessary contact to charge the phone.

To repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery because the USB port is damaged, you have two options: the first is to have it checked by a technician. The second is to try to do it yourself.

If you opt for the second option, you just have to try to move the USB port with a pin. Don’t apply too much force and do it very carefully. If after doing that the phone charges correctly it means that that is where the fault was.

damaged USB port

Software problems

To repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery, it is a good option to check if it is the software the one that is bringing these problems.

This may be because an app is consuming too much battery. In case this is the case, the best option is to uninstall it.

If the problem persists, the cause may be an update that your phone does not support. To counteract this you can reset the phone to factory data and go back to the previous version if that suited you well. Remember to always make a backup to avoid losing important information.


If you have already tried everything mentioned above and the problem continues, there it is most likely that, in effect, the battery no longer works properly.

In this case, an option to repair an Android cell phone that does not charge the battery, is to buy a new one and change it if the battery is removable. In case it is not, you can go to a technician to perform this procedure.

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