How to Fix an Error Occurred Again in Facebook Lite? (Example)

Fix error in Facebook Lite «Try again» has become indispensable for many users. Since, this problem affects various functionalities of the well-known application. If you are one of the Internet users affected by this failure and you still do not know how to solve it, keep reading and enjoy Facebook again.

Why do I get the «Please try again» error?

The first thing you should know before you can fix an error in Facebook Lite is how this is presented and why it is generated. Regarding the first aspect, it can be evidenced as a failure in the connection.

But, many times it can also have a match with other errors caused by lack of storage space. This is because the warning message says that a “unexpected error«, Can also be presented as»Retry«Or»Publish Failure”.

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However, sometimes it is a problem with the servers of the platform and, for the most part, they are temporary and quickly solved.

How can I fix error in Facebook Lite?

As you have already read, this problem can have different causes, so there are several ways to solve it. But first it is important determine what is causing it.

Failure by Facebook server

There are certain differences between Facebook and Facebook Lite, however server crashes affect both equally. And, as this is the cause whose solution escapes your hands, it is the first aspect that is worth verifying.

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This is very simple, since there are several tools on the web to know the falls and the stability of the servers. For example, in «Downdetector» you can see if the platform is failing or not. In case this is the problem, the only thing you can do is wait for Facebook staff to solve the problem.

No internet connection

Although it may seem incredible, sometimes these failures are due to a lack of internet connection, due to which it is impossible to upload photos to Facebook. Additionally, all application services are affected.

So, to solve the error in Facebook Lite «No connection» or «Try again» it is recommended that you disconnect and reconnect to the network. This can be done by activating the «Airplane mode» of your mobile for 30 seconds and then deactivating it.

Or, accessing the notification bar of your mobile and disconnect the connection by Wi-Fi or by data, depending on your case. Also verify that the problem is not with your network or internet service.

Storage issues

Storage conflicts are common, and to fix an error in Facebook Lite related to this, you just have to free up space.

Consequently, open the «Settings» section of your device and go to the «Applications» section, where you will look for «Lite». You must click on the latter and find the button «Free up space» or «Storage» to finally «Clear cache».

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In the same way, you can use a cache cleaner, if you already have one, and you can do a general cleaning or just the app. With this, you will be getting rid of residual or temporary data that, without a doubt, can take up a lot of space on your device.

Update faults

Another reason you may experience this error is for using an outdated version of the application. This is one of the less common reasons, as you can find the updates on Google Play or the AppStore.

In the first case, you just have to open the store and find the «Facebook Lite» with the search engine, so if there is any improvement available you can click «Update».

However, you can also update Facebook Lite without the Play Store. The important is that make sure you have the latest version released, so you can solve any bug or problem.

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