How to Fix Apex Legends Error 30005 on Windows – Quick and Easy

We recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to Fix Apex Legends Error 30005 on Windows – Quick and Easy

What is error 30005?

Error 30005 is a failure that occurs when users try access a game protected by Easy Anti-Cheat. The problem occurs when the application tries to create a file in the folder where Easy Anti Cheat was installed. For this reason, you must first know if a game runs on the PC correctly before resorting to troubleshooting the error.

Why does error 30005 occur?

It is possible that error 30005 due to antivirus software which could block Easy Anti Cheat service. Therefore, it is impossible to access the internet. Also, error 30005 can occur because the file where Easy Anti Cheat was installed blocks access to the video game.

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Similarly, error 30005 could occur when the Easy Anti Cheat service is disabled or out of date. Therefore, its functionality is limited and thus the fault is triggered. Also, some files may be missing or corrupted, and therefore the integrity of each file must be verified.

How To Fix Apex Legends Error 30005 On Windows – Quick And Easy

To solve the error 30005 Apex Legends in Windows it is necessary follow a series of steps that we will explain below.

Enable Easy Anti Cheat service

Error 30005 may occur because the Easy Anti Cheat service has been disabled by the user. In this case, it is necessary start service by pressing the «Win + R» key combination. In the file run window type «services.msc» (without the quotes) and press «Enter.»

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Locate the Easy Anti Cheat service and press the «Start» button. In the option «Startup type» choose «Automatic» and then click «Apply». Check if the problem is solved and if not continue with the next step.

Check the video game Apex Legends

Sometimes the error 30005 may appear when the Easy Anti Cheat service has not verified a video game. Given this, it is necessary that you carry out this process. To do this, go to the Easy Anti Cheat folder and run the .exe file.

Immediately, a new window will open where you should select «Apex Legends». Then press the «Install or Repair» button. Wait a few seconds for the process to complete and see if the 30005 error has been resolved.

Reinstall the Apex Legends video game

If none of the above options work, it is convenient reinstall Apex Legends video game. To do this, locate the Easy Anti Cheat folder, press the right mouse button on the .exe file and select «Run as administrator.» Later, reinstall the Apex Legends video game and run the application to verify if the error has been solved.

Delete the Easy Anti Cheat file

If the problem persists, you can choose for eliminating the anti-cheat system. To do this, you must locate the Easy Anti Cheat folder that is preventing access to other files. Next, locate the EasyAntiCheat.sys file. Right click on it and select «Delete.» Make sure the error has been resolved.

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Do you have the MalwareBytes application on your computer?

If you have installed the MalwareBytes application on your computer, it may be causing error 30005 because Easy Anti Cheat can conflict with antivirus programs.

Therefore, please disable this tool to check if this conflict has been resolved at the time of run the Apex Legends video game. Also, make sure to fix Windows Update errors in case you can’t update Windows 10.

Repair invalid system entries

Sometimes errors occur due to invalid entries in the system. To solve this problem, you can go to the ccleaner website and download it. Once you obtain the installation file, you must run it by following the steps in the wizard.

Once you manage to download and install CCleaner, open this application and click on “Register”. Wait a few seconds while the tool locates errors in system-wide entries. Press the «Repair entries» button, make a backup copy (if you wish to revert the changes) and proceed to repair the invalid entries.

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