How to Fix «Application Not Installed» Error on Android? – Very easy

An APK or installable file of Android can be obtained from external sources. When the installation has been blocked for security reasons an error is displayed. So, you might be wondering how to fix the error «Application not installed» on Android? – Very easy

How to fix ‘app not installed’ error on Android? – Very easy

There are two procedures for installing applications on Android. One of them is to access Google Play and locate the App that the user wants. The other procedure (less secure) refers to the search for an application from a source other than the official one.

Here is some relevant information about APK files for mobile devices and how to resolve an installation error.

What is an APK?

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APK stands for Android Application Package and refers to a file that packages an application for the Android platform in the format .apk. This file contains all the information necessary for a program to work on any Android device.

How to install an application on Android outside of Google Play?

To install an application from sources other than the Play Store you must go to «Settings» and select the «Security» option. There, you can activate the «Unknown origins», so that you can install an .APK file without any inconvenience.

How to Fix Application Not Installed Error on Android

Causes of the «application not installed» error on Android

The error message «Application not installed» in Android usually appears after installing an App with the .APK extension from a source other than the Play Store. Therefore, the error is not related to some software or hardware problem but to user actions.

On the other hand, if you carried out the previous action, it is important that you know how to check if an APK application is safe or has a virus, since there are many counterfeits that could cause problems when using the mobile.

Wrong file

If you installed an application and then tried to install a variant of it but with a different certificate (with or without signature), then a technical error will occur showing the message “Application not installed”.

Damaged storage

A corrupted SD card can also cause the error «Application not installed» in Android. In fact, the internal storage can also cause failures if it contains unnecessary data or that alters the storage location.

Stop this inconvenience, there are ways by which you can repair a damaged micro SD card, it is best to try this before disposing of the memory.

The device cannot find the SD card

If your device is connected to a computer, the computer may access the SD card. Indeed, if you try to install the App on your SD card, the error will be displayed «Application not installed» because the card is being used by another device.

App permission

It is possible that the application permissions cause the error on your system. For this reason, it is convenient that you go to the «Settings», then to the «Apps» menu and select «Reset application permissions», in order to allow the installation of Apps from other sources.

Solution to the error «application not installed» in Android

If the error «Application not installed» occurs on Android, this may mean that Google Play is blocking certain applications with the extension .APK because they come from outside sources. Therefore, it is advisable that you do one of the following:

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Install a file explorer

An effective alternative is the installation of the manager of files ES File Explorer that you can get in the Play Store. Once you have installed it, you must go to the System folder of this application to delete all the residual files that have remained of the App that you want to reinstall.

Later, you must go to the «Data» folder and carry out the same process as in «System». In this way, you will erase all the data related to the App that is going to be reinstalled.

If you can’t find the obligation, you can also consider Cx Explorer on the Play Store, which has some cleaning options similar to what the above-mentioned program provides.

Check the compatibility of the App with your device

The above options may not resolve the error. In this case, you should check if the application is compatible with your phone and that the APK file be the right one.

Like the previous one, you should check that the Android version of your device is correct. If not, you can update the Android software to the latest version, something recommended both for compatibility with applications and for improving the device

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