How to Fix Blue Screen Driver Power State Failure Error in Windows 10

You have had problems related to the Power State Failure error, then you have to see the following guide in which we will talk about How to fix the Blue Screen Driver Power State Failure error in Windows 10, something that will very possibly be useful in the event that this problem is constantly occurring.

The Power State Failure problem is relatively recurrent, in addition there are various measures that we can use to prevent it from appearing. Here are some of the best methods with which it is possible to solve this annoying problem

What is Blue Screen Driver Power State Failure error in Windows 10?

If you intend to fix blue screen errors in Windows 10, you should know that there are many possible causes. In any case, the error that many times causes a blue screen «Power State Failure» is commonly due to failures in relation to the power supply of the equipment or to hardware failures that make the computer believe that it has serious problems.

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In most circumstances it is not a reason to worry, in any case, the reason for sure is difficult to determine. If you are having trouble with this error, we recommend that you read the following information, where we will talk about some possible solutions for the blue screen with Power State Failure.

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How to fix the Blue Screen Driver Power State Failure error in Windows 10

As we pointed out previously, this problem can be due to various causes, therefore there are several options with which it is possible to solve the error if it appears constantly. Read the following guide in which we will point out possible methods to solve this annoying problem.

Activate quick start

One of the possible causes of failure is when there are configuration problems in relation to the power options present in the Windows operating system. This is especially common in portable systems, as is the case with a Tablet laptop, and so on.

Fortunately, in most cases the Power State Failure error can be solved very easily just by changing certain settings in the control panel:

  1. The first thing to do is go to «Control Panel», by accessing it by pressing the start button and searching for its name.
  2. Once you are in the system configuration options in the «Control Panel» you should go to the «Hardware and sound» section, then locate the function «Energy options». If you can’t find the option this way, just look for «Power Options» within the control panel.
  3. When you are within these options, you should look for the tab «Choose the behavior of the start / shutdown buttons», now click on that option.
  4. A new screen will be displayed in which you will find various settings, you must click on «Change settings currently unavailable».
  5. Make sure the option is enabled «Activate quick start»If you do not activate it and click on the option «Save changes».

Keep in mind that you can also enable or disable the fast startup of Windows 10 with Regedit, an option to consider in case you have problems with the method shown above.

Fix driver blue screen error

Modify power options

As we noted earlier, many times problems with the Power State Failure error are related to power failures. Based on this we can open the power plan options in Windows 10 and modify aspects related to power management in our system.

By making some modifications in the configuration it is possible to recover in most cases the correct functioning of our device. Read the following guide to apply these settings:

  1. Go to the «Control Panel» and click on «Power Options», if you can’t find it, just do a search at the top right of the screen.
  2. The power plans will be displayed, select the one that is currently in use and click on the option «Change plan settings».
  3. On the next screen, you must click on the option «Change advanced power settings». All available options will be displayed, locate the suspend option and click on the plus symbol (+).
  4. Click on the option «Suspend after» and make sure that the configuration is selected «Never». In this way, the system will not enter the sleep state, which is often the cause of the problem.

On the other hand, there are many common errors that cause blue screen. One of them is the UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME blue screen error, which is also very easy to fix. You just have to follow the instructions in our guides to find the solutions you are looking for.

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