How to Fix Blue Screen with « sys» Error in Windows 10?

If you need to fix blue screen errors in Windows then you should read the following tutorial where we will talk about How to fix blue screen with « sys» error in Windows 10?, A problem related to the DirectX API that will make it impossible for the computer to function properly.

What is the sys error?

If the so-called sys error appears on your computer, it is most likely that a blue screen and then your computer will shut down completely. It is a very annoying error, which hinders the normal use of our Windows 10 computer.

What causes the sys error?

The sys error responds to a DirectX API related problem, which comprises a set of libraries that control the visual aspects of many applications on our computer. Having a problem with DirectX will undoubtedly create instability and difficulties in the use of the equipment, subsequently causing errors, such as the one mentioned above.

Can you fix the blue screen with the error « sys» in Windows 10?

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Understanding that the sys error is related to DirectX, it is necessary to find the causes of the problem and then give them a solution. Fortunately, in most situations this error can be solved very easily applying some of the solutions that we will discuss through the following tutorial.

Dxgkrnl error in Windows

How to fix blue screen with « sys» error in Windows 10?

The sys error has various causes, but they all relate to DirectX problems. For this reason, all the solutions have to do with the video options or our graphics card. Try the following methods to fix this annoying error in Windows 10.

Update video drivers to fix « sys» error in Windows 10

As we noted earlier, the sys problem is caused by failures related to sys. DirectX controls the video aspects of the Windows platform. Therefore, the error can be found in a wrong configuration of our graphics card.

Drivers are the ones that control our graphics cards, so using wrong drivers or drivers that have problems could cause serious failures in our computer, as is the case of the sys error. Given this, it is best to update the drivers, since this solves the problems in most circumstances.

The process for updating the graphics card drivers varies in relation to the company that provides the graphics for your computer, and may be Intel, Nvidia or AMD. If you want to download the drivers for your graphics card, you must first know the model and then go to the website of each of these companies, where you can get the most up-to-date drivers.

Blue screen Windows error

Install the latest version of DirectX

Upgrading to the latest version of DirectX is also a possible solution to the sys error. The truth is that in most circumstances the problem is due to crashes with DLLs (libraries) of the API, something that is solved by downloading the latest version of DirectX.

The process of updating to the latest version of DirectX is very simple. You just have to go to the official Microsoft website and install the tool. It is possible that with this action the error sys disappears completely from your computer.

Disable the SLI function

The SLI configuration is the one in which two graphics cards are connected, this configuration is present in Nvidia video cards, but unfortunately they can generate instability in the system causing the so-called sys error.

This is why we recommend disabling this setting using the nvidia control panel. It is certainly not the most suitable solution, since it would lose the ability to use both graphics cards, in any case, it is worth trying with this solution.

If you notice an improvement and the sys error disappears, we recommend reset your system or otherwise format your computer, as this usually solves the problem and allows you to use your SLI settings again.

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