How to fix blurry and out-of-focus photos

Fixing blurry and out-of-focus photos has become an art behind art. Know how you can correct blurry or out-of-focus photos online, Currently the photographs are popular with everyone, we all want to publish, on our social networks, photos of our most special moments and that they look professional.

But there are times when taking the photo is blurred or out of focus because you were in a hurry, and it turns out that it is the only one you took or the one you like the most. In these cases, using and editing photos in Photoshop is one of the ideal options.

However, here are some ways you can correct photos blurred or out of focus online. If it is possible to join multiple photos into a single collage-style image, this too.

Learn how to fix blurry photos online easily

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Among the options available to correct your blurry and out-of-focus photos online, you can find Pixir. With this online editor you can improve your photos and give them the professional touch that you want so much.

For this, the first thing you should do is enter the official site from your browser, once on the main page of Pixir click on «Photo Editor – Pixir X”.

Next, a new window will open, you will see a menu on the left and you must click on the option «Open image”, Immediately the folder where your images are located will open, click on the one you are going to edit.

A new window will open, in which you will find the image you selected along with the options available to edit it. Now you must go to the menu at the top and click on «Filter«And then in»Focus”.

edit photos on pixlr

It will focus little by little, so if when you click the first time, it doesn’t focus as much as you want, do the same procedure over and over again until you see the result you want.

When you have focused the image the way you want, go back to the top menu and click on “Menu«And followed by»Keep”, Select below where you want to save your photo and voila, your photo is ready to use.

With this online editor to correct blurry or out-of-focus photos online, you can also make other edits such as crop the image, change the color, brightness or instead of focus, you can blur the background.

We show you the best online editor available so you can correct blurry or out-of-focus photos online. But the truth is that a good option is that you have a program such as Photoshop to use its toolbar.

This is ideal because at some point you may need to accommodate a blurred image but you do not have internet service, if you have the program downloaded to your computer you will not have any problem.

Now, before making the decision to download an editing program, make sure you are downloading it from a official website and that it really is what you are waiting for.

fix blurry photos online

Not only can you use Photoshop, the truth is that this editing program turns out to be a bit complex for those who do not know how to use it. But you can find different options such as Movavi, InPixio, Wondershare Fotophire. All are freely available.

What are the best online photo editors to fix blurry?

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1- The Pixlr editor, We have already given it as an example and not by chance. This editor puts at our disposal an excellent package of very varied filters, adjustments, focuses and even distortions.

It usually has apps for Android and iPhone mobile devices, and it is easy to use from our web browser. You must first register with your email to access the options of this online editor. It has a Pro version and usage tutorials for advanced use.

2- Befunky, is a popular free access editor. This online editing program has been key in publishing on social networks and web pages. Since Befunky, it is naturally used in graphic design work, posters, brochures and PowerPoint presentations with high standards.

Between the classic tools are crop, rotate and snap, change the size of the image and its lighting. It is popularly used for creating collages and blur arrangements.
It has a monthly payment method to gain access to professional and more sophisticated material editing tools.

3- There is also the Photo editor, Fotor, listed as one of the best online photo editors. A good option when editing and retouching our photographic material, basing its use on our browser.

One of the most striking functions of this editor is the Dynamic Range function. This option consists of comparing and combining three photos taken with different light exposures and tones. taking the best of each and creating a masterpiece. Fixing blur in our photos will not be a problem in Fotor.

The Fotor editor, has a monthly paid version, giving us the opportunity to use professional editing tools. A good tool for bloggers and in digital marketing.

The tools in this editor range from unique effects and filters, to options for creating collages. A good editor when it comes to manipulate RAW files.

4- The GIMP editor, is characterized as a free, sophisticated and very complete editor. Whose functions go from retouching, focusing, editing and drawing.
One drawback is that we must download and install your platform beforehand on our computer. This is not to worry, because after using it, we can confirm that it is a great editor.
This is a program that is progressively improving, existing its form installable and portable on USB. We must understand that GIMP is not an editing program for everyone, as we must have prior knowledge to use it correctly.

5- The Pixlr X editor, is the succession of the Pixlr editor and one of the best online editors in 2021. Of course, although it is still in development, the photo editing tool gives us precise options. Among these the options to crop, resize, Sharpen and a wide selection of filters to use.

How to fix blurry photos with Photoshop in a few steps

1632561524 819 How to fix blurry and out of focus photos

The program Photoshop It is an advanced image editing tool, which we must use caution when using. This way we will avoid making a bigger mess and only recover that blurry photograph.

There are three cases where photos become blurry and can be repaired by Photoshop.

1- The first, are in cases of photos blurred by overexposed image. Here it will be enough to open the image to be edited with Photoshop. To continue, we will look for the dodge option or tool.

Which is represented by a magnifying glass or hand icon. We right click and select Burn, applying them to all areas that are too light. This will allow us to recover natural colors in the image and giving us the feeling that the photo is less blurry.

2- There is a second case where the photos are blurred by a very dark image. For this we will select the photo within the program and in the same way we will seek to Overexpose. This time applying it in the darkest areas of the photograph, we must limit ourselves. Well, this option usually causes noise visual effects and will be blurred by overexposing it.

3- The last and third case refers to fix blurry photos by blur with Photoshop. To do this, we only have to enter the application and open the image that we must repair. Then we look for the focus tool, passing it through all the unfocused spaces. Although it is not an easy thing, the program will help us to recover these blurred areas.

How to use Filmora to fix blurry photos

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The Wondershare Filmora program, is known as an excellent video editor for Windows 7 onwards and Mac systems. For out-of-focus photos, the extension Wondershare Fotophire.

To fix blurry photos we must start downloading and installing this program on our pc or laptop. Once this is done, we start the Photo Focus tool that is in the lower right corner.

When running the program we go to Open button and select the photo blurred or out of focus.

Then we click on the Focus button found in the upper-right corner of the window. This will automatically correct the photo and also give us the opportunity to adjust the sharpness of the photo.

Once our process is finished we will go to save button in the upper half of the window. Thus, extracting the photo from the program and leaving it at our disposal.

Other photo editors to fix blurry and out-of-focus photos

In addition to those mentioned, there is a long list of photo editors with which we can fix focus flaws. Blurry and unfocused photos can be recovered with the correct program. Precisely this allows us to explain the following editors:


A photo editing tool, to fix small degrees of blur. Created by Skylum, this editor uses an AI-based principle to make editing simpler.

This is accomplished with advanced tools, such as Detail Enhancer. It is a key tool of this editor to improve the focus and shape the original detail of the selected photo.

Although this editing tool gets results, it is not specific for this type of work. Well the improvements are not so significant

Focus magic

The Focus Magic editor is characterized by having special advanced technology for remove blur. Well, with forensic technology principles, you can get rid of lens blur, as well as that caused by movement.
This gives us a powerful tool to recover those blurry and out-of-focus photos.


Unshake is a free, lightweight, high-quality editor for Windows. This program is mainly used in the United States and Hungary for its application to eliminate blurry photos. It gives us a tool that results in a best approach than other software assigned to this task.

Capture One

Now, The Capture One editor, is a professional type program. With simple, intuitive features, and better quality than other editors like Lightroom. Well, it has options for managing layers, masks and an amazing color management.

Sharpening and Structure are two special tools of the application that are used to fix blurry photos. Although we must know that it will not solve very large defects in this area.


Lightroom is an editor known for its simplicity and ease of editing. But, although we can consider it an option to improve our out-of-focus photos. We can not consider it the main one for blur work.

This tool includes in its settings the Reveal option, which offers us a tool called, Detail. Which helps to adjust the sharpness of the selected photo.

Is it possible to fix blurry and out-of-focus photos from Android? – How to do it?

The answer is yes, it is possible to fix blurry and out-of-focus photos from Android. A large number of apps for this type of work are usually available in the Play Store. Example is Remini and Movavi, but we will choose only the first one.

The Remini editor, whose main task is to give a touch of high quality and definition, for those old photos. And also improve the definition of photos whose result when saved are blurred images.

Simply install the app to edit the photos, for this we enter the application and use the Enhance option. Here we can choose or take a photo and with this tool we can improve quality in a second.

With this app, we can see the before and after of the edition, realizing the final result. The only thing against this app is the limited capacity of 5 photos per day in the free version. But for only 5 euros we will have unlimited access to it, for a whole month.

1632561524 607 How to fix blurry and out of focus photos

Previously we showed you only one option to edit your photos that are blurred or out of focus, and this is because, according to our research, this is the only online option that is really efficient.

While it is true that on the internet you can find many options that offer you miracles in your photos, when you go to perform these miracles with your photos they do not turn out to be true.

This is why we recommend you to have be very careful when you enter an online site to edit your photos. Some of these are not really safe and can cause damage to your computer. Use official websites!

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