How to Fix Burned-out Touch Screen on My Smartwatch Easily

It is possible that when you buy a Smart watch You got the most out of it and that’s fine, since many people learn to use all its features, such as taking screenshots on smartwatches, however, if you used it excessively, it is possible that the screen has been burned or rather, some pixels have died.

This problem is very common in smart watches when they reach a certain stage of their useful life, making you think that the screen has been damaged but it is not.

You may notice on your screen there are certain parts that do not light up and this type of failures It is very common so you can fix it yourself with some applications that we will show you below.

What applications to use to repair dead pixels?

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Smart watch pixels

These applications that we will show you below are quite simple to use and you can easily find them in the Play Store.

JScreenFix (Web), This application and ideal for repairing dead pixels and being a web application it will not be necessary to download or install anything. This even makes it perfect for use on various platforms like iOS and MacOS as well.

Using it is very simple, you simply have to open the application’s home page and in the blue JScreenFix Home button that is at the bottom of the page, you must drag the white noise window where your damaged pixels are and let it act for 30 minutes.

This application claims that it can repair most of these dead pixels in 10 minutes but it is advisable to let it act for a little longer, and if you want you can use it a couple more times if the first time it did not work at all.

It is important to note that this application uses HTLM5 and JavaScript, and it can also work with OLED or LCD screens. What’s more, this application boasts a success rate of more than 60% when it comes to fixing stuck pixels. You can also learn how to calculate the density of pixels per inch of a screen

To be a free tool, these numbers are quite good, and of course, if in the end this app did not work for you, you can try others tools which we will show you below.

Wear Ghost Remove, is a perfect application to eliminate the Ghost effect that can remain on your screen when, for example, you go from a black background to a white one and there is a small background shadow as shown in the image.

This application can be found in the Play Store. You just have to search for it, download it and install it. When you open it, you will see on your screen some tests that you can choose to repair this effect on your watch.

We recommend using the test or the option Play full sequence, you must wait about 5 seconds and you will be able to see a warning and then see how the screen of your watch turns multicolored and begins to rotate for a few minutes.

Then you will see a second warning and your multi-color screen will go back on but the color pattern will change. This what it does is repair your burned screen or remove a little that Ghost effect.

Another application that you can use to repair your dead pixels is Pixel Fixer it is a fairly simple application. You must download and install it and when you open it automatically the screen will turn multicolored and it will start to move quite quickly.

This can cause dizziness in some people if they stare at it because the colors and movements are very fast. What this action does is that the pixels change color quickly and thus eliminate the effect of the burned pixels. Ideally, let it work for several minutes so that these pixels can be repaired.

Dead or stuck pixels?

It is very common to confuse dead pixels with the stuck pixels, so it is important to know what the difference is. Each LCD screen It is made up of individual pixels which in turn are made up of three sub-pixels colored red, green, and blue. These appear white when they are turned on and turn black when they are turned off, in addition, it is possible to fix the pixels on your mobile screen.

When a pixel gets stuck it can be noticed because one or two of the sub pixels stays on while the rest are off. Whereas when a pixel is dead when an entire pixel appears or a set of sub-pixels they remain off. It’s easier to fix stuck pixels.

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