How to Fix ‘Camera Has Stopped Working’ Error on Android (Example)

Currently, the cameras of our mobile device are used to save a memory or a pleasant or funny moment of our lives. However, these can fail, that is why in this article we will explain how to fix the error «the camera has stopped working. «

Causes why the camera stops working on your Android

Next, we will tell you the possible causes that it stops working, keep reading and you will discover how to avoid these reasons.

  • The camera has been disabled due to security policies.

If you have discovered that there are camera models that are disabled when using the camera and at the same time you press the power button. Then when you unlock the mobile again, a message will appear indicating that the camera stopped working or has been disabled.

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This happens when a considerable period of time has elapsed when you lock the phone and re-unlock the mobile.

  • The camera has stopped working.

Sometimes the application that your mobile has simply closes due to system error and you get a message saying “The camera has stopped working”.

  • Android system problems.

This is an interesting aspect, since most current devices require updates to be able to use the camera’s features. These features include new features and components Android with an old version does not support them, due to lack of update.

Solutions for your Android camera if it stops working

Next, we present you how to solve problems with the camera application of your mobile device easily and quickly.

camera stopped working

Camera applications currently require memory and cache management, which can ultimately affect the operation of the camera. To solve this problem, you must follow the following simple and easy steps on your mobile, to use your camera as usual.

  1. Go to the «Settings» of your Android mobile.
  2. Then to the option «Applications» and select the camera app.
  3. Within this you will find the option «Memory».
  4. Once we are inside it, we will delete the data and the application cache.
  • Check camera app permissions

If with the previous step you do not solve the problem, we will give you another solution and that is to check if the app has usage permissions. To do this, we indicate how you should perform or execute the verification of the permissions on your Android mobile in an easy way.

  1. Enter the «Settings» of the Android.
  2. Then select «Applications» and go back to the camera option.
  3. When entering the camera app, it goes to the «Permissions» option.
  4. When you log in, check all available options, and Check that it was executed correctly by opening the camera.

Sometimes it will be better to uninstall the camera app, as the operating system may not support the application and it crashes. What you will have to do is the following and check if this way the problem is solved effectively and safely.

  1. Press the camera app.
  2. Then this will tell you, depending on the Android device you have, if «Delete» or «Uninstall application» you will press one of the two that appears.
  3. Once the previous step is done, restart the device and install the app again.

restore android

As a last option to solve the problem with the camera is to perform a factory reset and later an update.

Before restoring your mobile, we advise you to make a backup of all your personal data such as contacts, photos or something similar.

  1. Go to the «Settings» of the Android system.
  2. When entering the settings, press the option «Factory reset».
  3. Later you will press «Delete all».
  4. Then go back to «Settings» look for the option «Device Information».
  5. When pressing the previous option, you will click on «Upgrade system» and, wait, for this to take place, and that’s it.

We hope you can fix your problem and get the camera working again with these mostly technical and easy-to-use tips for you.

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