How to Fix Chrome ‘ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED’ Error in Windows 10

Through the following guide you will learn How to fix Chrome ‘ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED’ error in Windows 10, a problem that prohibits entering websites normally.

What is the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error?

The ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error refers to the website you are trying to access it was not located. Clearly when this happens the page cannot be accessed, however the cause of the error may vary.

Given this, we will show you the most common causes and the simplest ways to solve this common problem in the Google Chrome browser. But before we start, remember the importance of updating Google Chrome to the latest version, which can help fix many browser bugs. In fact, installing updates could even improve performance, so it is important to always check this.

Causes and solutions for the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error

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Before looking for a suitable solution for the error, it is recommended to analyze certain circumstances that could be causing this problem. Given this we show you causes for the error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED and ways to fix it in Chrome browser.

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The website is down

Undoubtedly one of the most common causes for this annoying Chrome error is that the website we are trying to access is down. Usually this responds to a temporary drop, so you can try to enter the site again after a while and see if you can do it.

Either way, the best way to make sure this is the cause of the problem is to use a tool to corroborate if a website is down or not. Said tool is the website downforeveryoneorjustme (down for everyone or is it just me), which helps to do this check.

Simply access the website through the link we provided above. Once there, write the website you want to access. If it is fully functional, the message will be displayed «It’s just you ‘website’ is up» (it’s just you, the website is working). If the site is down, the message “It’s not just you! ‘website’ is down ”(it’s not just you, the website is down).

Website does not exist

Another possibility for the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error is that the entered website simply does not exist. Before this, simply make a check if you wrote the address correctly. There is a possibility that you were wrong at the time of writing the site.

The connection has problems

Another possibility for the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error to appear in Google Chrome is that your connection is not working properly. You can easily check if the connection is down by trying to access any website. If you can’t access any, then possibly your router is failing. If so, it is best to configure the router to take full advantage of it.

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Still, sometimes a simple reboot to the router can help solve the problem. You don’t lose anything by trying, just turn the device off and on again. After this, check if you can access the website or sites that you could not before.

Clear your browser data

Clearing the cache and data that Google Chrome stores can help resolve the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error with some sites. The trick to this is that sometimes problems arise when saving cookies and other data, then the browser when trying to collect information cannot access the web properly.

Either way, it is a solution that rarely has drawbacks, so if you have the problem, remember that clearing the caches and cookies stored in Google Chrome is an optional that you should take into account.

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