How to Fix d3dx9_43.dll File Missing Error on Windows? (Example)

For anyone playing games on their PC, troubleshoot error d3dx9_43.dll file it is a constant concern. This is one of the most common errors and is often associated with games and similar programs. In fact, it joins the list of other faults such as the winhttp.dll not found error in Windows or also the well-known error: opengl32.dll file is missing in Windows.

To understand why this is and how an appropriate response can be given, a minimum of understanding. With this clear, it is possible to give you a complete and effective solution.

The basics

A .dll file is a part of a program that runs on the PC. When you install or use such a program it uses the information contained in it. This is why they are called «Libraries of Dynamic Links» (Dinamyc Link Library).

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These files are extremely useful because they allow you to reduce the size of executable files. They can also be used by various programs and improve overall performance.

However, for one reason or another they can present multiple failures. From its corruption or disappearance, to the developer’s own errors, problems often occur with DLLs and therefore they are constantly updated.

In this way, when you are faced with the task of solving d3dx9_43.dll file error what you do is fill that «gap» in the execution of the program.

Beginning lesson

This particular DLL is primarily associated with DirectX (although it is sometimes related to Visual C ++). These take care of the configuration of the GPU, which is a coprocessor specially dedicated to the graphics field. That is why it usually fails when installing or using games, since they are the ones that usually take advantage of this extra resource.


3 ways to fix d3dx9_43.dll file error

Having said the above and with a clearer idea of ​​the problem, it is easier to give an appropriate solution. For starters, there is three methods that will allow you to fix this error in a simple and fast way.


The simplest option is reinstall the program or game the one in question in Windows. This should refresh all the necessary files. However, to do this you must first perform a full uninstall. In such cases, it is best to rely on third-party programs.

Another option is reinstall own DirectX with which its associated libraries would be updated. In this sense, many current programs and games have a folder called «Redist» where the application is located. You just have to locate it and run it with an internet connection. There you will also find Visual C ++.

You can also download DirectX directly from Microsoft’s website. This is usually sufficient in most cases to fix the d3dx9_43.dll file error.


If the previous option has not worked, you can try to update all the elements involved, starting with the program that has the fault itself. Ultimately, this can also be due to developer-sourced issues.

You can also update Windows by pressing the keys «Windows» With «I». Thus, you will verify if there is any update or a new edition of the Microsoft operating system pending that can correct this error.

Finally, you have the option to update the GPU drivers. To do this you just have to enter «Device Management» in the list displayed by pressing «Windows» together with «X». Once there you just have to locate the GPU and with right click select the action «Update drivers».

window system error


One last option you can take to fix the error of d3dx9_43.dll file it is simply to find this file and incorporate it into your system. To do this, just copy it into the folder where the program or game is installed.

Downloading these files is often tricky, so It is recommended that you only do it from official pages or proven trustworthy. Under no circumstances do you alter the name or content of the file.

Another source may be on a friend’s PC that has the same program installed and works without problems. Remember that the file name is vital so do not alter it.

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