How to Fix Dead Pixels on My Phone Screen?

When we buy a mobile phone, most of them can present factory problems that if we detect them in time we can demand that we change it or be repaired using the guarantee. Some of these problems have to do with your LCD screen and then we are going to tell you what you should do to fix dead pixels on my phone screen.

Before continuing we will explain to you what a dead pixel, on an LCD screen it is made up of hundreds of pixels and each of them by three sub pixels. The pixels are responsible for providing the color and image that we see on the screens. Now the sub pixels are three, if none of them works, the pixel will be black, that is, it will not produce any color.

This pixel that does not light up or does not produce color is known as a dead pixel, there is another term that is good for you to know and that is the stuck pixel. This is nothing but the non-functioning of one or two sub pixels. And therefore it does not produce the color that it should and that is when we see colors that do not correspond to the rest of the image.

How to fix dead pixels on my phone screen

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Believe it or not, it is possible to repair or fix Dead pixels from my phone screen and for this we are going to make use of a tremendous tool. But first we must discover if our screen has this problem of dead pixels or a stuck pixel and for this we are going to use a simple trick that does not need a program, or anything like that.

fix mobile pixels

The first thing we will do is download two images to our mobile, one totally white and the other totally black. The next thing you should do is go to a place that is very dark and you are going to open these images that cover the entire screen.

Now if in the black screen You see a blue pixel and on the white screen you can see a black point, you probably have this problem.

If you have a Samsung phone, you can do a test that is also easy to perform, first dial the following from the keyboard * # 0 * # this will open a test that contains 23 options. Now you must enter Red, Green and Blue successively. If by doing this you cannot see any pixels then this means that you have dead pixels.

Using the App to fix dead pixels on my phone screen

As we have already told you to be able fix dead pixels on my phone screen we are going to use an application, this is called Dead Pixel Detect and Fix. As we are working with phones that work with the Android system, we will download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Once we have the application installed on our mobile, we will open it and then we will click on the center of the screen. This action will generate a menu with four options to appear, we will start by choosing the Colors option. We will see the names of different colors in English Red, Green, Blue, White, etc. We will select each one of them.

This to do a test and check the defective pixels, we must mark these places to better identify them. Then we will return to the menu and here we will choose the Fix option or Fix it. Next we will be shown a warning regarding not looking at the screen while the process is in progress as it may cause problems or discomfort to the eye.

After the repair time, which can be extended for up to 30 minutes, we will now carry out the verification of the defective places again.

For this we will go to the Colors option. And in this way we can fix the Dead Pixels on my phone screen ourselves.

mobile pixel density

There is no doubt that we never stop learning or acquiring new knowledge and this time it was about pixels. We had already learned in another article how to calculate pixel density and now how to fix dead pixels on my phone screen.

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