How to fix Disk Busy problem on Steam

There are certain games that show the Disk Busy problem on Steam. But… What exactly does this error mean? One of the first and only that has given it to me is Loadout.

First of all I would like to clarify that the literal meaning of Disk busy is disk busy and this refers to our hard drive. At first the error points to hard drive problems but, when we know that our disk is in perfect condition (I have checked it with the correct tools and it shows in the daily performance) we have to look for another culprit. The problem does not mean that our hard drive is broken.

Some games in particular may report this error of which little is known. How the problem is solved? I have not found, at the moment, anything that changes this error but I am clear that, leaving it for a while, in my case it always ends up being solved and below you have the explanation of why.

Make sure of a few things before you understand that the error is not yours:

  • That your hard drive Has space. If it is very at the limit, the problem may be yours.
  • Make sure that it’s in good condition. There are certain programs that allow us to check the status of our hard drive and this is also noticeable when it is running slower.

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The normal state would be Disk Idle, but now comes the explanation, it is not a Steam problem and there is no solution about it. Checking in various forums I have found a logical answer to why this problem usually only occurs when updating some games and they are from the following list:

  • PayDay 2
  • Rome 2
  • Sonic All Stars Racing
  • Loadout
  • DOTA 2
  • DayZ Standalone
  • The Secret World
  • Patch of Exile
  • Counter Strike: GO

The reason for the problem it is somewhat complex.

The game downloads an update file, and after a while you have to apply the file to the game itself. While the data is downloaded quickly, the program may be installing another patch or applying some changes in which it must pause the download operations for a moment and that is the reason why the hard disk is not available and the circle is set. Red.

Therefore there is no solution to the problem. I at least have not found it but we will have to settle for knowing that it does not happen only to us and resides in certain game updates, it is usually passed only when this update is finished applying. In a single update there can be multiple patches and this is the problem.


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